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7 Easy Ways to Organise Your Child's Room

Every parent has walked into their child’s room in search of a specific item however walked out a few minutes later empty-handed, not remembering what they were looking for in the first place. If your child’s bedroom is completely disorganised, don’t worry, unfortunately, it's extremely normal behaviour. Kids are amazing at making a mess and as parents, we are the ones who are supposed to show them how to organise things

When you buy a new smart television, it seems like you get given a manual the size of a bible. Unfortunately, the doctor in the hospital has no such literature to give to parents when you leave with a baby in your hands. Many people have turned to information online to help them become better parents. In this article, we will show you how to easily organise your child’s room. 

Image by Babar Ali from Pixabay

1. Use a Laundry Hamper

Kids often throw their clothes on the ground. Not only will this cause you headaches, but it can also cause a hygiene issue too. Having a laundry hamper in the child’s room easily allows the children to dump their dirty clothes inside, and also helps fight the battle against germs and bacteria. 

Not only does this help combat germs, but it will also help keep your kid’s room organised. In fact, they might even enjoy throwing their clothes inside it. Kids like to throw their socks and other things into a laundry basket as a fun game. Making cleaning and organising fun for children will help motivate them to do it consistently. Don’t forget to give your children plenty of praise when they do something right. 

You can find hampers on the market with separate compartments. Some of these have labels on them, however, you could easily sew on a label so the child knows what to put in each compartment. One compartment could be for socks and underwear, one could be for coloured items, and the other for white clothes. This is a great way of organising your kid’s room but also teaches them how to stay organised. This will make sorting the laundry much easier. 

2. Use Hooks

Now that all the dirty clothes are off the floor, the next thing is to try to keep other things from creating clutter in your child’s room. Purchase some hooks from your local DIY store or online, they don’t even have to be expensive hooks and put them on the walls of the room. Find areas on the wall that are slightly discrete. The back of a door is a good place to install a hook

Teach your child to get into the habit of hanging up their coats, school bags, hats, and scarves on these hooks. That way they won’t have to spend the entire day looking for them when they need them. 

3. Craft Cart

You can easily make your own or you can purchase a craft cart. These are a great way to help your children store their arts and crafts tools. There are special compartments for their pencils, rulers, colouring pencils, and books. 

It is common for children to leave all their pencils and crayons on the floor. These can cause damage to the floor of the room and you will find that you are having to purchase new craft equipment on a regular basis. The ones they have either go missing or get broken because somebody stands on them. To help keep all your child’s craft materials and tools in the same place, consider purchasing or making a craft cart. There are craft carts with wheels attached to the bottom, which allows your child to move the cart around the room. 

4. Install a Little Library

Reading is a fantastic pastime for every child, but every parent knows that these expensive books get destroyed over a short space of time, which is a real pity because children often want to re-read books but can’t.  

To help maintain your child’s books’ quality, think about installing a bookshelf in their room. This way the chances of the books lasting a long time are better. To go the extra mile, ask your child to organise each book in alphabetical order. This can be a fun and educational game that will help your kids organise their books. If they don’t know how to sort things in alphabetical order, this can help them learn. A little library in the child’s room will help promote reading and will help them appreciate their books

5. Don’t Buy Too Many Things

Sometimes your child’s messy room is your fault. Avoid purchasing things that your child doesn't need. Purchasing pointless items will end up causing a mess in the room and your child won’t appreciate possessions either. Does your child really need 20 teddy bears, 10 boxes of the same crayons, and a remote control car?

Avoid purchasing items that are on sale. Although you might feel you are getting a good deal, ask yourself if your child really needs these things. Often when we bargain shop, we focus on the price of the product instead of the product itself. 

Focus on purchasing things your kids will use and consider where you will store the item when your child is not playing with it. If you don’t live in a large house or you don’t have any big storage area, put a lot of thought into this before you spend your hard-earned cash. 

6. Label your Children’s Clothes

There are plenty of reasons why labelling your child’s clothes is a good idea such as:

  • So they won’t get lost: When your kids are out, whether it's at school or at the park, when they run around having fun they will often take off their coats or sweaters. Kids often have the same clothes so being able to tell one from the other might be impossible unless they are labeled. 
  • Easier to organise: If you have a few children in your household, then chances are you get their clothes mixed up. This can add a lot of time to your laundry jobs. By labelling each item you will find it much easier to get the laundry done. Plus, you’ll be able to store them in the correct closet each time.

If you want to get very creative, why not design your own labels with the Dutch Label Shop. To become a super organised parent you can even create your own hang tags. 

7. Create Days of the Week Dresser

If you manage to get a dresser with seven different drawers, labelling each one with the days of the week will help keep your child's clothes organised for each day. This way you will be able to know exactly what they are going to need for each week, and they can find those items without having to go through lots of different clothes. 

If you kid is at that stage that he or she is learning the days of the week, this is a fantastic way to help them remember. Some parents like to get their children to help make the labels for the dresser. 

If you have a dresser with only five or six drawers, perhaps keeping one for the weekend might work.