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My Nappy Needs Changing!

Babies take to parliament square in protest against single-use nappy waste.

A staggering 10 million single-use nappies are thrown away each day in the UK - that’s 3.6 billion every year

* 86% of parents say the government needs to do more to reduce nappy waste
* Half (48%) are more concerned about plastic waste, which includes nappies, than their children’s education and career prospects
* Fighting on behalf of those who can’t yet speak up for themselves, nappy expert Bambino Mio has started a petition calling on the government to urgently address the problem

Each day, 10 million single-use nappies are thrown away in the UK. That’s a shocking 3.6 billion each year and an unsustainable amount of waste for future generations to manage.

A new study from nappy experts, Bambino Mio has revealed 92% of UK parents are worried about the impact of plastic waste on their child’s future. Almost half (48%) said they were in fact more concerned about the impact of plastic waste than their child’s education or future career prospects.

The research also uncovered:

* Over half of parents (55%) admit their child has spoken to them about climate change and asked them to stop an associated action, like using single-use plastics
* 69% would struggle to explain how single-use plastic will affect the world to their child, admitting they don’t know enough about it, and aren’t sure of the facts
* On learning that 10 million single-use nappies are sent to landfill, or incinerated, each day in the UK - 86% of parents surveyed said the government needs to be doing more to tackle nappy waste
* What’s more, 87% said they would have chosen reusable nappies for their baby if they’d been midwife or hospital recommended

Fighting the problem head on, a group of little revolutionaries have taken to Parliament Square today in a protest to raise awareness of the devastating impact of single-use nappies.

Sporting babygrows and trailblazing tees with protest slogans including ‘My nappy’s rubbish’, ‘Our future’s not disposable’ and ‘It’s my planet and I’ll cry if I want to’ - images of the mini rebellion show tots as young as four months taking a stand against the environmental devastation caused by single-use nappies and demanding immediate change to protect their futures.

Fighting the problem head on, Bambino Mio, who organised the protest, has started a petition calling for the government to create a national strategy to reduce nappy waste in line with other single-use plastic targets.

Guy Schanschieff, Founder at Bambino Mio said: “Single-use nappies are 75% plastic and with such a huge number being thrown away every day - the future we’re making for the next generation is getting messier by the minute. It’s our responsibility to change things now.”

Elisabeth Whitebread, Head of Purpose at Bambino Mio added: “Bambino Mio is determined to clear up the mess caused by single-use nappies. We’re starting from the bottom up by supporting parents with a sustainable alternative to single-use nappies, which are currently the biggest contributor to household waste for parents with children under two. Put simply - nappies are necessary, but the waste they cause isn’t.”

Parents who switch to reusable nappies could reduce their carbon footprint by up to 93% and save over £700 during their child’s nappy wearing years. To find out more about how to support the reusable revolution and get started on your journey with reusables, visit