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Craft Activity: Mother's Day Handprint

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Guest post by Erin


•  Piece of coloured construction paper • Piece of white paper • 4 paint colours (at least) •  Coloured pencils  or crayons • Glue stick •  Plates or paper for  making handprints • Paint brush (optional) Warm a mother’s heart  this Mother’s Day with this adorable handmade gift.


1.  Glue the white paper in the centre of the coloured construction paper.

2.  Draw an outline of a flower pot at the bottom of the white paper.

3.  Make pools of the coloured paint on  the paper plates and set them aside.

4.  Place your child’s right hand in the first colour and make a hand-print at the top right of the white paper.

5.  Repeat previous step below the first hand-print with another colour. Make  sure to wash your hands in between!

6.  Then repeat the same steps with the left hand on the left side of the paper.

7.  Paint or draw green stems from the flower pot to the hand-prints.

8.  Write “Happy Mother’s Day” along with the date and the name of the child.

Erin is mother to three year old Everly and is embracing the vision of helping to raise the next generation of creative leaders through working for Green Kid Crafts.