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Montessori Furniture for your Child’s Room

A feature of the development of a small child is the competent furnishing of the room, or rather, the good location of the children's corner and all the necessities for the child. So, there are plenty of tables and comfortable chairs,  learning surfaces, and play slides. Also, there are materials for creativity. What will be discussed next is considered an integral part of the children's corner, which instills a love of books. We are talking about Montessori children's shelves, a piece of furniture that every child should have in a child's room.

What age is suitable?

It is impossible to say the exact age for the acquisition of such a piece of furniture. Montessori shelves are a versatile surface to not only fold books but also arrange personal toys. The most important thing and at the same time incredible is that the child is accustomed to the order and organisation of the place. The shelf performs manipulative actions aimed at the correct upbringing of the child's actions.

Since from the very beginning, the child absorbs order and observes what the mother is doing, he tries to do the same himself. For example, if there is stability and order in the family, then over time this becomes a guideline for the child. And, as a result, the Montessori shelf becomes the perfect embodiment of children's order.

What is the baby learning?

The kid will observe that his toys are stored on the shelf and that the adult returns them to their places. When he starts to crawl, he will be able to get to the shelf on his own and take his toys from there. A little later, he will begin to stretch and get up, leaning on the shelf, working with materials directly on the shelf, or sitting on the floor next to it. Therefore, if the living space allows and there is an opportunity, then it is better to organise a low shelf as early as possible. However, if your child is no longer a baby, and you are just now getting acquainted with this information, and it is consonant with you, it's time to make changes to the organisation of the space for the child right now. The brain of a child is very plastic, and it will adapt to changes.

What you need to know about shelves

Montessori furniture is not only an entertaining, creative, and educational space, but also a place where the child will spend most of his time. That is why every parent needs to think about the following things:

* It is important to pay attention to the height of the shelf so that it does not exceed the level of the child's eyes. Everything should be in the field of view of the baby, then he should reach the shelf and be able to put any object on it.
* The shelf must be open, it must not be closed or covered with something.
* It is good if the parent in the morning and the evening shows the child where the toy should be located, so the child will remember the information much faster and repeat after the actions of mom or dad, i.e. puts the toys in their place - on their shelf. And also, the child will begin to understand at what time toys or books should be on the shelf.
* To arouse interest in a child, it is necessary to change toys or books on the shelf. So, the baby will understand that you can put not only your bear in your favourite place but also other things.

You can't do without checking the safety of a Montessori shelf. The corners should not be sharp, but rounded. The shelves themselves should not be rough, but pleasant and smooth to the touch. It is also worth paying attention that any shelf is made of environmentally friendly material, and does not cause allergies in the child. A real tree fits perfectly into the entire interior of the children's room and pleases the eyes of both parents and children.