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Mister Maker Melon Fans

Watermelon FanHead into Summer and cool yourself down with a gigantic melon slice! YOU WILL NEED:

  • White paper plate
  • Glue stick
  • Green and dark pink colouring materials (paints or markers)
  • Black dot stickers
  • Wooden lolly stick

Follow our handy instructions to make a Watermelon fan: 1. Fold and glue a paper plate in half. 2. Colour the folded plate to look like a watermelon slice 3. Colour the rim of the paper plate green, to look like the rind. 4. Leave a small border white and then colour the centre of the plate pink, to look like the flesh. 5. Add black dots to the pink section of the melon to look like the seeds. 6. Glue a lolly stick to the back of the plate to make a handle.    

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