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Medical Billing Services For Family Plans

Improving your practice’s efficiency and cash flow can seem like a difficult task, especially along with everything else you need to do. Whether you are the manager of a medical facility, admin staff, or an individual practitioner, handling the medical billing of all patients takes a lot of work.

Each patient should have their own insurance plan, which makes the process even more complicated. Based on the insurance policy taken out by patients, which determines the deductibles they are eligible for and the kind of treatment they require, you may be dealing with a lot more paperwork than you have time for.

Family medical plans are designed to make things easier for patients, allowing groups within the same family to share the same insurance. Usually, this accommodates adults and children, although each policy will vary based on the average cost, policyholder, and the patients using the service.

While these plans are designed to make things easier for your patients, they can make things more complicated for the practitioner based on the medical billing involved.

This is why outsourcing family medicine billing services from Fortis can be so useful for your practice, as well as offering additional benefits in terms of accuracy, cash flow, and overall business revenue.

What Are Family Medicine Billing Services?

Fortis is a leading provider of medical billing services, including those for family medicine.

These services are focused on preparing all of the paperwork and information that goes into making a claim, whether this claim goes directly to the patient or their insurance holder following treatment.

As there is a lot that already goes into the world of family medicine, being able to outsource the billing process is incredibly beneficial to all forms of medical practices – especially when working with such a well-established service.

Fortis has been working in the medical billing field for many years and covers a wide range of needs, including family medicine, to help practices streamline the claiming process. They offer billing services to help streamline the process, working as a go-between for the practice and their patients.

Working in the medical field can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also lead to financial struggles without the correct care and attention. The majority of money made in this field comes from medical billing, whether this is paid by insurance holders or patients themselves.

Any cash made by the practice usually comes from the treatments they offer, but getting the cash in your account is another thing altogether.

By outsourcing medicine billing to a professional service like Fortis, you do not have to worry about the income of your practice again. Instead, this company will format the billing documents and information, providing the necessary audits for your records, which in turn can also be used as evidence for claims.

All of this goes towards ensuring your practice is paid what is owed based on the treatments provided and the patients seen.

Why Outsource Family Medicine Billing?

As with any form of outsourcing, the main benefit of hiring a third party for family medicine billing is the reduction of pressure on your staff.

Whether you are an individual practitioner or part of a larger team, medicine billing can take up a lot of resources. Not only is there a lot of work required in simply gathering the information for the audit, but also filing the claim and chasing payments following this.

Fortis offers family medicine billing as an alternative, allowing the staff within your practice to focus on other tasks, all the while knowing that auditing is taking place.

The fact that Fortis is such a professional and experienced company also offers benefits. With the team's skills and experience, all medical billing done by this company will be accurate, ensuring that payments are correct and made on time.

Not only is the pressure regarding preparing each claim taken away from your staff by outsourcing, but ensuring that everything is correct can also be an additional stress that is now alleviated.

Medical billing services like this also come with the benefit of being quicker than when working alone. This means you can speed up the process and ensure money is entering the business account sooner than you may have expected, as the team has streamlined the process for optimal results.

There no longer has to be a delay in providing treatment and getting the payment, as Fortis will handle all auditing on your behalf. This can be an ongoing process, one that continually supports your business and ensures that not only is money coming in when required, but your patients are informed too.

The audits and overall billing process, when handled by professionals like those at Fortis, is cohesive, making it easier not only for the practice but also for the patients and their insurance companies. With all treatment detailed and audited regarding cost, it is easier for people to see what is owed so they can make payments on time.

Essentially, working with a medical billing service like Fortis for family medicine offers a wide range of benefits. It helps to streamline and optimise the billing process, with benefits to both the practice and its patients.

How Does It Work?

Family medicine billing is handled by various forms of software, all of which have been specially tailored to suit this process.

Fortis also has an incredible team of practitioners, former FBI agents, and healthcare billing experts who have insight into the industry as well as great experience with medical billing.

This experienced team, combined with the specialist software, creates a streamlined auditing process for family medicine billing and allows practices to experience the many benefits of outsourcing.

For faster payments, streamlined auditing, improved risk assessment, and increased cash flow, using family medicine billing services is a must, regardless of your particular field. Practices and individual medical providers can benefit from billing services like this, and so can their patients, who will get a better understanding of where their money is going.