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Making Your Blinds Child Safe

Blinds By PostGuest post by Stephanie Hudson from Blinds By Post.

It is important that everyone is aware of the dangers within our homes, especially when it comes to ensuring our children’s safety. Window cords are often a dangerous hazard for children in your home, as they are either long or end in a loop. This meaning, that within just a few seconds, your baby or toddler could end up wrapping themselves in it and causing them self some severe harm. Quick Ideas To Make Your Blinds Safer:

  • Install Safety Devices
  • Decrease The Chance Of Temptation
  • Cut The Loop Out Of The Cord
  • Tuck Cords Out Of Sight & Reach (Temporary Fix)

Ensuring Your Blinds Are Significantly Safer Rest assured there are a huge number of ways to improve the safety of all the blinds within your home. Not only this but, wherever your child may go too, such as their grandparents or any holiday homes you may have. Something can is simple and easy, as well as being able to be completed straight away is tucking up the cords in a high place. This removing the ability for your child to reach it, even if they were to stand on something to raise their height.With a loop cord acting almost like a noose if your child was to end up falling with it wrapped around their neck.

You should also try to make sure that you have placed them in a place where they cannot easily be knocked. If you have older children who are sometimes a little careless, they may cause the cords to drop back down. If you have your babies cot close to the window, then you may want to take an extra step to ensure that you cords are fully out of reach. As younger babies have been known to pull these cords into their cot. Of course, if you use your blinds regularly, as many people do. Then, tucking the cords away is only temporarily going to solve the problem. Not only this, but everyone within your household will need to remember to place the cords back out of reach, each time they open/close the blinds. However, if forgotten even once, it could have devastating consequences. Cutting Thee Blind Cord Loop Cutting The Blind Cord Loop Many blinds will have the same functionality with two cords as well as a single looped cord. This doesn’t mean that the cords will be totally risk free, but will help to reduce the danger of the cord being a noose. Before you make the decision to cut the cord, you need to ensure that the blind will still function correctly when the cords have been cut. As some blinds do require that the loop is in the cord. It is also important to check with your blind retailer to ensure that you won’t void the warranty that you may have on your blinds. In order to remove the loop, simply cut both cords just above the tassel. Remove the equaliser and place a new tassel upon each of the cords. Cordless Blinds With this being the number one option for many parents, Cordless blinds should be installed whether possible. There are a huge number of blind types available with a cordless option nowadays, such as vertical, roller, wood and many more. If you are in the market for new blinds, or are looking to spruce up your room, these are definitely worth looking into. Even if you don’t have children, as they will still help to reduce any type of cord accidents. Although in the name cordless blinds, they still do have cords. The main thing to check is that the cord is enclosed within slats, this way it cannot be pulled out by any small child’s fingers. These cordless blinds are operated by having a pull, push and tilt along the bottom rail. Child Safety Devices for Blinds Safety Devices With a small amount of safety devices available to purchase which have been specifically designed to remove the danger from cords. Cleats - These are small fittings that you mount to your wall, allowing you to wind up any excess cord that isn’t needed. You can purchase them from many online retailers. With the main idea being to install them up high and out of reach. The cleats will help to remove dangling cords, but still need to be out of reach of a child.

We hope this post has helped you to make your home and blinds safer for your children. If you need further advice then don’t hesitate to give us a call over at Blinds By Post.