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Making Moving a Joyful Adventure for Your Little Ones: Fun Tips for Packing and Transitioning

Moving homes is an adventure, a chance to start fresh and create new memories. However, for parents, the thought of relocating, especially when it involves the little ones, can be as daunting as navigating through a stormy sea. The challenges are many, from addressing the emotional upheaval to managing the logistical maze.  

Yet, with a sprinkle of creativity and the right support, moving can transform into a joyful journey for the entire family. Especially when considering an international move, like moving to France from the UK, engaging a professional moving service can smooth out the bumps along the way, making the transition seamless and stress-free. 

Preparing the Little Ones 

Open communication is your North Star here. Discussing the move with your children in an age-appropriate way opens the door to understanding their feelings and fears. It's an opportunity to involve them in the family's decision-making process, giving them a sense of control and participation. Explain why the move is happening, what it means for the family, and, most importantly, highlight the exciting aspects of this new chapter. 

Creating a Moving Timeline 

Visual aids can work wonders in helping children comprehend and process the move. Crafting a moving timeline together, complete with colorful markers and stickers, offers a tangible way for them to see what's happening and when. Introduce fun milestones and rewards for each step completed, turning the anticipation into a series of victories and celebrations. 

The Joy of Packing 

Packing doesn't have to be a chore drowned in sighs and reluctance. By turning it into a playful activity, you can engage your children's enthusiasm and help. Organise themed packing days - imagine a "Toy Treasure Hunt" where toys are sorted and packed, with special rewards for decluttering. Use this time to bond and share memories associated with different items, making the process meaningful and fun. 

Personalising Their Space 

Involving children in designing their new room can significantly ease the transition. Before the move, brainstorm ideas for decorating and personalising their space. Whether it's a DIY project for a lampshade or picking out new bed linens together, these activities not only excite them about their new room but also provide a sense of continuity and belonging. 

Saying Goodbye 

Goodbyes are never easy, especially for children leaving behind friends and familiar spaces. Organise a farewell party or a small gathering to allow for a proper goodbye. Creating a memory book or a photo album can also be a therapeutic activity, helping them preserve memories of their old home and friends. 

The Journey Itself 

Whether you're moving across the country or to a new continent, the journey to your new home is part of the adventure. Prepare a travel kit for each child with snacks, games, and activities to keep them entertained. Audiobooks, family sing-alongs, or travel bingo can turn hours on the road into a memorable part of the moving adventure. 

Settling into the New Home 

Exploring the new neighbourhood is an adventure in itself. Create a "Home Adventure Checklist" with places to visit and things to find in your new community. Encouraging your children to discover local parks, libraries, and other attractions can help them feel excited about their new surroundings and ease the transition. 


Moving with children, especially on an international scale, is undeniably a journey laden with challenges. Yet, it's also a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and teach valuable life lessons. By adopting a creative approach and involving your little ones in every step of the process, you can transform moving into an exciting adventure that the whole family will cherish. Remember, the right attitude, coupled with a sprinkle of imagination, can make all the difference. 

We'd love to hear from you! Share your own experiences and tips on making moving a joyous adventure for children in the comments below. Let's support each other through these transitions, fostering a community of parents navigating similar paths.