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How to Make Your Home “Toddler-Friendly”

As your baby grows up, they will become more mobile and adventurous. While this is something that you welcome and a crucial stage in their development, it does pose many dangers around the home. Toddlers will want to explore, so as a parent, it is your job to make your home a safe environment while remaining a fun and enjoyable one.

When you go to antenatal classes, you are taught many valuable things. However, preparing your home is something that only you can do as no one is aware of the layout of your property better than you. Taking an ad-hoc and pragmatic approach to making your home safe is vital as new dangers are likely to present themselves on a daily basis.

General Tips

Although your toddler may have been walking for a few months, they are still likely to be unsteady on their feet. Children don’t tend to watch where they are going, so remove trip hazards and try to apply padding to sharp corners. If possible, install child safety gates to restrict their movement, particularly from climbing upstairs. Try to remove furniture from close to windows and always use window locks. Children also like small objects and put them in their mouths, creating a choking hazard. Check and double-check that you have nothing that they can easily lay their hands on.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the home. Knives will look attractive to children, so they should be kept out of reach. Household products should be safely stored away where they can’t be accessed. If possible, try to keep your toddler out of the kitchen when you are cooking and make sure pan handles are well out of reach, ideally using the rear hobs only. However, never leave your child alone. Also, always keep any medication kept in the kitchen out of children’s reach.


Outside areas are favourites with children, and this is something that should be promoted. However, be aware that toddlers can move quickly, so you need to be one step ahead of them. Know where they are at all times and keep external gates locked. If you have a swimming pool, consider putting fencing around it to stop your child gaining access when you are not there. Water tends to spark plenty of interest in children, so it will be one of their “go-to” places.

If possible, cover any glass tables with a safety film and cover all ponds with a heavy-duty cover. Any chemicals that are sprayed on your garden should be non-toxic and safe for children. Any pets should also be kept away from children when you are not there to protect both parties safety.

Quick Check List

  • Keep pans and sharp objects out of reach in the kitchen
  • Make sure your child has no access to medications or harmful household products
  • Fit safety locks on windows
  • Remove places to climb and fit child safety gates to restrict access
  • Put padding on all sharp corners and remove trip hazards
  • Put safety film on glass tables and surfaces
  • Make sure all small objects such as coins, beads and jewellery are out of reach


About the author:

Sara Tamasak is the marketing manager at First Fertility. With a range of clinics including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Cambodia, they are one of the leading fertility clinics in Asia.