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Make an Easter Bunny Bonnet!

Guest post by The Works

Try out this egg-citing activity with your little ones!

You will need:

• Easter bonnet

• Felt sheets

• Ribbon

• Pom-poms

• Pipe cleaners

To make the bonnet:

1. Cut out four felt bunny ear shapes in the same colour as your Easter bonnet.

2. Cut out two smaller white felt inner ear shapes. Glue these to two of the larger ears.

3. Twist two pipe cleaners together at one end. Bend them into the ear shape then glue them to the back of an ear (with white inner), then glue an ear shape (without white inner) to the back of this to cover the pipe cleaner. Repeat for the second ear.

4. Take the ears and push the end of the pipe cleaners through the top of the bonnet. Secure them by twisting the pipe cleaner ends together inside the hat. Trim the ends and cover with a square of felt.

5. To create teeth, draw a black line down the centre of a small piece of white felt. Glue it onto the bonnet along with two pink circles for cheeks, ribbon for the whiskers, a pom-pom for the nose, two white pom-poms as eyes, then add two black felt circles for the pupils.

6. Finally, tie a bow around the bonnet and add more pom-poms!

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