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Koko Sleep Podcast Releases Special Christmas Bedtime Stories this December

This year, Christmas doesn’t need to be ruined by difficult bedtimes managing children’s excitement as Koko Sleep releases a range of magical festive stories to help families up and down the country get the rest they all need to enjoy the big day.

The stories will include well-known and loved characters as well as some new friends who will capture children’s imagination and help them fall into a calm and relaxing sleep, the only warning is parents might also nod off while they are listening!

The hugely popular British children’s sleep podcast, which gets 180k downloads per week and regularly is in the top of the Apple Podcasts Kids & Family chart, combines bedtime stories with meditation to aid the nation’s children to sleep and gives parents their evenings back. The original stories are developed by writers Gillian Rogerson and Elisha Ainsley and are beautifully narrated by Abbe Opher.

The special episodes include:

Hector & Sunny Help Santa Claus - Thursday, 8 December 2022

In this story, we meet our doggy friends, Hector and Sunny, as they chase a silver bauble and bump into Santa Claus and his faithful St Bernard, Bernie! The two dogs journey to the North Pole, in Santa's Sleigh, keeping warm drinking hot gravy from the barrel that Bernie keeps around his neck. Hector and Sunny help test the dog toys in the Elves Workshop and prepare them to be delivered to lots of happily dreaming pups across the world.

Santa’s Runaway Reindeer - Monday, 12 December 2022

Whilst Santa is delivering presents to the Sanderson family, he gets distracted by their little dog, Peggy, and the Reindeers, ever on schedule, fly onwards without him! Luckily, the Sanderson children are eager to help Santa, and they harness the power of Christmas magic to track down the Reindeer in time for Christmas Day.

Father Christmouse - Wednesday, 14 December 2022 (Koko Club Subscribers only)

On a snowy Christmas Eve, a young mouse called Chestnut is awoken from her slumber by a peculiar noise outside. With her mother at her side, Chestnut investigates the sound and they are amazed to find a very special mouse standing in the snow. It’s Father Christmouse and he needs their help. Chestnut and her mother agree to help him and before long, they are going on a magical adventure through the starry skies, an adventure they will never forget.

Koko’s Cosy Christmas - Thursday, 15 December 2022

Spend a cosy Christmas in Sleepy forest with Koko the Koala and his family, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols with some festive dormice, and following the enchanting sound of jingling bells through the trees, to find someone very special at the end.

Jingle Jangle & Jolly Save Christmas - Monday, 19 December 2022

Jingle Jangle & Jolly are working late in the run up to Christmas Eve, making toys in Santa’s workshop, when one of their very important toy machines breaks! They explore the North Pole looking for help, and thanks to some helpful Snowmen and the handy Mrs Claus, the machine is soon up and running ready for Christmas.

Christmas In New York - Wednesday, 21 December 2022 (Koko Club Subscribers only)

Fly to New York on holiday with a little girl called Ivy, and her family. It’s Christmas, and Ivy has a special feeling that she may bump into Santa Claus in the festively decorated streets of the big apple.

Jupiter Twins: A Snowy Night - Monday, 26 December 2022

In this special Christmas story, we fly through snowy skies with magical twins, Lily and Jake Jupiter, who are on a mission to help Santa. Their journey takes them through an enchanted forest where they meet some delightful new friends.

Koko Sleep is available on all major podcast platforms, with a Premium offering on Apple Podcasts and Supercast named “Koko Club” that offers ad-free listening and exclusive bonus episodes to subscribers. The podcast can also be listened to on The Sleepiest App, which offers parents and children the opportunity to favourite episodes and stories, create unique playlists, set a sleep timer and also track their sleep to improve healthy sleep habits over time.