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Kids’ Summer Birthday Party Hacks

Summer is always a busy time of year, and for those parents who have to organise their little ones' birthday parties, it certainly can be a stressful time. A recent Mumsnet thread also revealed parents are paying well into the hundreds for their kid’s birthday parties, so it’s not just the logistics to think about, but also the potentially astronomical cost! 

Here, Candice Bannister, party expert and founder of Candy’s Cupcakes, shares six birthday party hacks to let you sit back and enjoy the celebrations, while keeping an eye on the bank balance. 

Make the most of the outdoors

Don’t spend too much time or money looking for a venue. Use the outdoors, it’s just as fun and easy to host in your local park or back garden. If the weather is a worry then invest in a gazebo, it will still be much cheaper than hiring an indoor event space - just make sure you take any rubbish home with you too, and leave the area as you found it. 

Two in one: Interactive food games

Save even more time by combining the food and games. Why not involve the kids in a DIY buffet. Use tortilla wraps and allow the children to create their own pizzas. Set out all the ingredients and let them have fun making them, before tucking in. Food and an activity - win win!

Buy don't bake

It might seem like a good idea to make a birthday cake, but baking a cake can take up to two to three hours, so save time and buy the cake. Rather than one whole cake, why not go for cupcakes instead? Not only will this help the day run smoother, but it's much more convenient for sharing and is a great little ‘take away gift’ from the party too! Cupcakes can easily be stored in the fridge and can last up to a week.

Add marshmallow to ice cream cones

Ice cream can get messy for adults, never mind the little ones. If you’re serving ice cream cones at a summer birthday party, then a great trick is to add a small marshmallow to the bottom of the cone, this will stop any of the ice cream from leaking out of the cone and most definitely reduce any extra mess.

Keep it simple with the party bags

Party bags don’t need to be expensive or over complicated. More often than not, parents will throw half the contents away anyway. Keep it simple by printing out some activities like colouring sheets for them to do at home - there are plenty of free resources online. Another low cost idea is to create your own pick & mix to take away, it’s always a fun idea to get your little one to help you with this too and involve them in the party planning. 

Use a paddling pool

It can be hot when hosting a birthday party in the summer, so it’s important everyone stays hydrated. Fill up a kids paddling pool with ice and fill it up with plenty of soft drinks. Not only will this keep the drinks cool but it’s easy access for children to be able to help themselves, keeping them hydrated throughout the day. They could even have a little paddle later once the ice has melted!