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Tips for keeping your baby’s sensitive skin safe through winter

A baby’s skin is said to be so delicate that it resembles the skin under an adult’s eyes*[1], meaning it must be treated with love and care. As more and more baby targeted products are released into the market, and with so many parenting forums giving contradicting advice, it’s hard to know what the right solution is. Here is a straightforward list of helpful tips for keeping your baby’s sensitive skin safe this winter.

Keepin Baby's Skin Safe through Winter with Kindr Company


Don’t bathe them in water over 37 degrees:

Whilst a nice hot bath may seem a luxury for adults, overly hot (and overly cold) water will dry out and irritate a baby’s skin. It’s important to get the temperature just right for your child. Experts advise that the perfect temperature is between 36 and 37 degrees*[2], which you can test with either a thermometer or by placing your elbow in the water.

Avoid long baths:

According to Baby Centre, five minutes is the perfect amount of time for a baby to be in the bath, any longer is unnecessary and can even be detrimental for hydration. When out of the bath, applying an oil or moisturiser whilst they’re still damp is also great for locking in hydration and restoring their delicate skin. Additionally, a baby doesn’t need to be bathed every day. In fact, two to three times a week is enough to keep your child sufficiently clean, whilst still allowing for their natural oils to restore hydration and softness.

Switch to alcohol- and fragrance-free products:

Fragrance and alcohol are two of the biggest irritants for sensitive skin and it’s advised to avoid them in skincare, even as an adult. Both ingredients are extremely harsh on skin and can damage the skin’s natural barrier, as well as strip important natural oils, which are essential for maintaining healthy hydrated baby skin. In a time when we’re all using hand sanitisers more than ever before, it’s important to consider the ingredients and whether these can irritate the skin. Alcohol free versions, such as the Kindr Company sanitisers have been created with the whole family in mind. Their alcohol-free formula has been designed so they don’t irritate the skin and can even provide hydration for your little one’s hands.

Kindr Company

Reapply moisturising products throughout the day:

If your baby’s skin is becoming drier and more irritated as we enter into the colder months, it’s important to apply oils and creams regularly to restore their hydration and their natural skin barrier. Depending on the severity of their sensitivity, products may need to be applied up to two or three times a day as this will dramatically help in aiding and soothing soreness and irritation.

Check your laundry detergent:

To ensure that your detergent is safe for delicate baby skin, check that your washing powder or gel has been validated by the British Skin Foundation by looking for their logo on the packaging. You don’t have to use products that are directly marketed towards babies; however, the detergent must be both gentle and hypoallergenic to avoid irritation. Additionally, stay clear from all products containing dye or strong fragrance.

If possible, try and incorporate these five easy tips into your child’s routine to ensure for skin restoration. However, if your baby’s sensitivity doesn’t change or even worsens, please contact a healthcare professional for further advice.