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How to Transport a Child in a Car

The experience of various road accidents in different parts of the world has led to the fact that a record has appeared in the traffic regulations of many countries: a child under the age of 12 (and up to 150 cm tall) must sit in a special car chair or a booster. But according to statistics, about 90% of the seats are installed incorrectly. In this case, they do not solve the safety problem in any way, so in some situations, they can lead to more serious consequences. In this article, we want to talk about elementary safety standards for your child.

Vehicle serviceability

First of all, you need to check that your car is in good condition. This is important for your safety and the safety of your child. It is better to take the car for diagnostics to a car service, where professionals can make diagnostics of the vehicle. If the car needs to be repaired, car repair specialists will be able to fix the problems. It is better to contact proven car services, such as 

The proper place for a child

Be sure to take note – the child should be visible to you, even when you are looking at the road. So, you need to adjust the rearview mirror correctly. Also do not leave the child alone inside the cabin. Even if you just need to fill up the tank or talk to a traffic police inspector. Be sure to take the baby with you. Even if he is sleeping, it is better to wake him up and pick him up. All the things that can be put in the trunk should be there, and not in the back seat next to the child. He can get a sharp object out of the bag and get hurt, and you won't notice. And in a collision, these things can fly around the car and cause bruises or cuts.


Some people take a lot of food with them in the car, especially when they are planning a long road trip. But remember the rule - a child should not eat lollipops or any other food while you are driving the car. Often in this way, the child is gagged, but with sudden braking, such sweets can cause serious injuries. If the trip is long, make stops whenever possible. At the same time, it is better to release the child from the chair – so the baby will be less tired. You can have a meal during these stops. Also download special apps for drivers, with the help of which you will be able not to get lost and have the ability to find a place to take a break.


The choice of chairs is huge. There is no point in advising something here. It is more convenient for someone to buy in a company store. After the purchase, you can ask the seller to show how the chair is installed and how exactly the child is fastened in it. It is more convenient for someone to take it from friends or relatives. But even in this case do not be lazy to clarify the ways of fixing it.

Number of passengers

The most universal advice in the end: the more children in the car, the higher the risk of injury. More than 8 children can only be carried on buses. At the same time, the driver must have more than three years of experience driving a motor vehicle and a driver's license for the right to drive a motor vehicle of categories "C" and "D". They also came up with such a rule for a reason, right? 

And remember: violation of any of these conditions entails a warning or a fine, and in the worst case, injury to you and your child. There are different useful tips that every mom should know when she is driving a car and all of them exist to keep a driver and his passengers.