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How to Prepare for the Return of Large Kids’ Parties

The past few years have been difficult for us all but spare a thought for those children who have missed out on what is almost a rite of passage; the kids’ party. Without being able to gather in large groups, big birthday and family parties have been off the menu for a long time but they are finally back with a bang.

But with large-scale parties being off the agenda for a while, some of us might be a little out of practice while others haven’t yet had the opportunity to host. With that in mind, here are our helpful tips and advice to help you prepare for the return of large kids’ parties.

Make a budget

Perhaps the best place to start preparing for a large party is with your budget. This will give you an idea of how much you can achieve and which elements are essential. It’s easy for costs to spiral out of control so start by defining what are your party must-haves and go from there.

Once your budget has been decided, try your best to stick to it. If that means roping in some family members to keep costs down, or even hosting a joint party rather than taking on the full responsibility then go for it.

With the cost of living crisis continuing to spiral further out of control, spreading the load can benefit you and your potential party co-host. There is plenty to consider and not only will you need to hire a venue, but you will also require entertainment, food, games and activities and decorations.

Finding a venue

Once you have your budget in mind, it’s time to start looking for a venue. Where you will host your party can dictate how much it will cost but also the time and date you will be hosting. Some venues must be booked months in advance, so start planning for your special party early to avoid missing out on the venue of your dreams.

Some practical things to consider when choosing a venue include:

  • Access to the venue
  • Where can buggies be left?
  • The size of the food preparation area
  • When can you arrive to set up?
  • Where will guests park, or how will they arrive?

You must also consider the size of the venue and whether it is adequate for hosting everything you envision your kids’ party having. A topic that leads us nicely onto the next party checklist item; entertainment.

How to keep the kids entertained

Similar to your venue hire, it’s essential to book your entertainment as soon as possible. With the return of large kids’ parties, entertainers are once again finding themselves in vogue. However, much like other customer-facing industries like acting and music, there is a chance entertainers have found alternative careers, causing a potential live entertainment shortage.

But there are still plenty of live entertainers to choose from, just make sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Not only should you consider booking an entertainer but you may also require equipment hire for further games and fun. Games and activities are a must for children's parties, from bouncy castles to balls, beanbags and party games.

Inviting your guests

A kid's party isn’t really a party unless there are other little ones there, and you want to make sure that your child’s friends are all in attendance. If your toddler is already going to playgroup, they may have made friends with kids you aren’t aware of, or you may have had little to no interaction with their parents. Check in with your playgroup organisers to find out who your child’s closest friends are to ensure they make the guest list.

Forming the perfect guest list is one thing but it won’t be worth it unless you send out invitations. Give plenty of notice to the parents of the children on your guest list to ensure they can make arrangements to be there for your kid’s special day.

You can get creative by making your own invitations that are perfectly on-theme or simply send out a group WhatsApp message with save-the-date information. Your invitations can be the perfect opportunity to check with parents about any food allergies their children might have.

Food and drink

Once you know a bit more about the dietary requirements of your young guests, it’s time to start thinking about what everyone is going to eat. Party food is, by design, perfect for the occasion but consider the serving practicalities. You may wish to ditch plates and cutlery for simple paper alternatives like cones and cases that hold enough snacks for a little one but can be discarded once used.

Of course, no party is complete without cake and modern cake makers create custom-made children’s birthday cakes to suit all tastes. From animals and superheroes to unicorns or trains, you name it and a custom baker will make it happen.

While food and drink for the kids are important, don’t neglect your adult guests. It’s fun to unleash your inner child every so often but ensure you provide the grown-ups with some coffees and their own spread of treats that they don’t have to share with the kids.


Why not throw yourself into making decorations in the months or weeks leading up to the big party? Start stocking up on supplies and get thinking about how you can transform your event space into the perfect theme.

You can even get your kids involved in making some of the design elements as a bit of arts and crafts time together. Not only will you provide something engaging for your kids to focus on but arts and crafts can help boost self-expression, confidence and fine motor skills in children.

Party bags and gifts

One nice touch that helps a party come together is party bags for all of your guests. Sweets are a smart inclusion in a goodie bag as they won’t go to waste and while small toys are also common, if you are trying to avoid using unnecessary plastic then consider alternatives.

Why not include a small craft set to encourage your young party guests to further their developmental and artistic skills? These could be make-your-own-toy kits or even games they can play at home with their siblings. Puzzle, colouring or story books are another good alternative. Of course, always ensure that whatever you include in your party bags is age-appropriate.