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How to prepare and get your little ones excited for heading back to school this September

Remember how glorious the summer holidays were when you were younger? They felt like they would never end. Those six weeks full of sun and adventure and spending time with friends outside. It’s no wonder that our kids can begin to dread the first day of school after all that fun!

If your little ones need a little more encouragement to get them excited for September, we’ve got the ultimate guide to get them looking forward to the first day of school.

Get them stirred up for science with bugs, experiments and more

Science is so much more than Bunsen burners and periodic tables. Whatever the interest of your child, you can adapt and make it science related.

If they’re a fan of creepy crawlies, go into your garden or local green space and see what you can find together! Talk about why bees are important for flowers and pollination, why worms are important for the earth and begin talking about the food chain. Explain how everything is connected and has a role in keeping the world in order. You can even get live butterfly kits to raise your own butterflies!

If creepy crawlies are a bit much for your little ones, there are lots of science kits out there that will pique their interest and keep them entertained. You can grow crystals by mixing different colours and combine art by explaining colour theory with a fantastic crystal growing kit.
Looking for something more hands-on? Do your own science experiment with a make your own slime kit. Play with textures, mixing, and you’ll have your own slime at the end.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can find out there. Talk to your children about what they’re interested in and find the perfect science kit for them. Spend quality time together and grow their skills and interest in science.

Build their own business to teach them maths and English

What better way to teach responsibility, maths and English than by setting up shop with your child? Ask your child what type of shop they would want to run and help them bring it to life! Find out what they would want to call it and help them make and write out a sign. Teach them the letters and trace them out for your little one to go over.

You can even get play money to teach them counting and maths. Add and subtract and ask how much change someone would need in a transaction. Start small with pennies, and as they develop you can move up to notes and larger sums.

It’s up to you how far you want to take it! You can make a pretend shop for friends and family to visit or set up a lemonade stand. If your child is particularly creative you can help them sell painted rocks, shells or other bits and bobs. The possibilities are endless!

If they’re still feeling nervous, do a run-through or talk to their teacher

If your child is still nervous or not looking forward to school, you can always do a run through and remind them of how much fun school can be. Emphasise the fun activities you have done throughout your summer that relate to the different lessons that they will be participating in.

If they’re still not looking forward to school, talk to their teachers about how they feel. Their teacher may be able to give you advice and guidance about what your child can expect when they start in September.

Whatever you do this summer, make it fun with BrightMinds. BrightMinds have a host of toys, games, books and more that will delight your children and help them develop their skills. Find everything you need to help your little ones get excited about school, become a future scientist, artist, mathematician or whatever else inspires them.