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How to Make a Playground: Useful Tips

The advantage of a country house is that in its yard you can organise leisure time for all family members. First of all, this concerns small owners. The design of the playground plays a significant role because the child will spend most of his free time here. Therefore, its organisation should be treated with maximum attention, especially since there are a lot of execution options and they all depend on certain conditions, which we will try to disclose.

Do not forget that outdoor furniture should be chosen very carefully. Outdoor furniture must be durable as it is exposed to rain and sunlight. It must be durable because it can be used by children. The best material for outdoor furniture is rattan. Just imagine how you will enjoy the sunbeams sitting on a rattan outdoor chair while watching your child having fun on the playground.

The size of the children's playground

The size of the playground for entertainment depends on several factors. First of all, it is the area of the land plot and the location of outbuildings. The larger the land plot, the more spacious the territory of the game zone can be. Also, the area of the playground depends on the age of its "owner". A small area can be enough for the arrangement of a sandbox for a three-year-old, and large sizes will be required for the full provision of leisure for teenage children.

Maximum functionality and minimal injury risk are achieved by a carefully thought-out project containing information about the scale and location of adjacent objects. Free space is left around the territory of swings, carousels, and other structures functioning on the principle of elementary dynamics. The size of the safe zone is at least 2 meters. Compliance with security margins must be observed. Your child's life and health may depend on it.

Choosing a place for a playground

The correct location of the playground in the courtyard of a country house affects the safety and comfort of the child. It should meet several requirements:

* maximum distance from outbuildings, utilities, greenhouses, and shrubs with thorns on the branches;
* the reservoir (if there is one) must have a fence that can prevent the child's independent approach to the water and the ingress of toys, and balls;
* the playground is equipped in places that are visible from where adults spend most of their time.

Do not clutter up the site with a lot of furniture. If the child is very small, then you should make sure that there is comfortable furniture for adults who will watch the child play. You can use rattan furniture, which is quite durable and looks stylish on the interior and exterior.

Playground covering material

There are many options for what the flooring of a playground in the courtyard of a country cottage can be. With the same popularity, both simple natural components and more advanced coatings of artificial origin are used.

Sand is the most popular type used for filling the base of the playground.

A grass lawn is a great option for walking barefoot in the warmer months. The advantage lies in attractiveness and the cost of seeds of plants that are not prone to trampling.

Wood shavings and wood chips are the best and most inexpensive ways to arrange the base of a playground. It creates a soft, springy covering when walking, and minimises the likelihood of child injury.

You can also choose rubber tile. It is made from recycled car tires, with the addition of colouringĀ and binding components. It creates a soft, elastic surface, which is very pleasant when walking barefoot. It allows you to choose a shade and size suitable for the design of the playground and has excellent performance characteristics.

The plastic coating is a kind of analog of paving or rubber tiles. It is made of safe plastic for primary processing. It has no unpleasant odoursĀ and has high wear resistance. Due to the soft surface, it does not lead to scratches, or abrasions when falling. Easy to operate.

In conclusion

It is not difficult to build a good playground. There are many interesting ways to improve the exterior of your site. However, this responsible process has many minor nuances, which together can make it not only inconvenient for the child's games but also dangerous for his life. To prevent these undesirable mistakes, you should follow the recommendations of specialists. Only in this case, you will be able to create a comfortable play area for a child of any age.