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How To Keep Your Home Clean For Moving Out When You Have Kids

Normally, when a property is rented, the owner will expect a security deposit which is then held in a government-approved scheme.

A normal security deposit will be the same as 4 or 5 weeks' rent. And according to the HomeLet Rental Index, the average rent now is £1,175 per calendar month. This would mean a tenant could face paying out a security deposit of £1,355 plus a month’s rent in advance before they move into a home. 

With security deposits being sizeable, the majority of tenants will want to reclaim their money when they leave. The easiest way to do that is to follow the tenancy agreement and look after the home.

It’s tough keeping a home clean with kids

When you check out of a rented home there will usually be a landlord’s inspection to ensure that no damage has happened, and everything is presentable and clean.

The Happy House Cleaning reports that the number one way to lose money from a security deposit is by leaving behind a dirty home. But, when you have young children it can be tough staying on top of everything, especially during a house move.

Kids drop crumbs and spill drinks. They walk in dirt from outside, and like to play with crayons and paint. All of which is a recipe for stains on furniture and crayon doodles on walls.

How do you keep your home clean for an end of rental move?

It can feel like you are constantly picking up toys and sweeping up crumbs when you have little ones in the home, and it can be a battle to keep the place clean when you have an imminent landlord inspection.

Prepare a cleaning plan ahead of check-out. Whatever you can clean and keep that way, do so, and leave the rest until the last days.

If you feel that you could do with some professional help with end of tenancy cleaning, then there are plenty of businesses that offer this kind of service.

Get ahead of your move

Kids must have clean carpets to play on. That makes carpets one area that needs to be cleaned regularly. However, there are many tasks you can do before your move to help your final day go smoothly.

Speed up the process of moving by packing up anything you don’t need early on. Declutter and either sell or donate any belongings that you won’t be taking. This will create space to make proper home cleaning easier.

Consider degreasing the oven at this point as once it is done, you can stay on top of it. Indeed, any area that is left alone by your kids can be cleaned the week before the move, so fridge-freezers, hobs, and kitchen cupboards can all be done if practical.

Stay on top of your cleaning

By starting your move-out clean early you will be able to stay on top of it and keep everything sparkling. You surely understand how to tidy up after kids at this point, but if you can minimise the mess your final days in the home will be easier.

One idea is to make a play area for little ones so that you can restrict how much mess is made, and where. Then you may be able to get upholstery and curtains cleaned properly without worrying about further spills and marks occurring.

Use an end-of-tenancy cleaning service

When you get down to the last few days you will need to thoroughly clean any areas you haven’t gotten to. At this point, you will need to clean the carpet and any area that the landlord will be looking at in detail.

It is best to leave a cleaning company to do their job without distractions so your previous decluttering efforts will be appreciated. Take your children to their grandparents or somewhere out of the way, and call in an end-of-tenancy cleaning service. Ideally, move-out cleaning will be done as close to the landlord's inspection as possible.

When will the move-out inspection take place?

The landlord’s inspection should take place on the last day you are present in the home. Sometimes a landlord may inspect the home one or two days after you leave, but they have no right to come early.

Your landlord cannot demand early inspection of the property, or that you leave earlier. By and large, this is not usually an issue, and if you’ve cleaned the home to their standards, your landlord should return your deposit within 10 days of you both signing off on it.


To make your move-out cleaning easier, first, declutter and remove any belongings you no longer need. This will not only make packing easier but the cleaning process will be simpler too. 

Make a fun play area for your little one so that you can control how much mess is made and minimise tidying in the last few days of your contract. Then clean whatever you can and stay on top of it.

In the last couple of days, employ an end-of-tenancy cleaning service if you require it, and leave the place ready to rent out once more. And hopefully, you will see your security deposit again.