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How To Get Formula Feed Right Every Time

When you are preparing any kind of food for your baby it is important to be as hygienic as possible - even when you are making Formula Feed. 

It is important that we take this extra care because baby's immune systems are nowhere near as robust as ours are as adults. For this reason, every piece of equipment you use when making Formula Feed needs to be sanitised every time. 

Today, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to making Formula Feed for your child.

Step 1 

Empty your kettle and fill it with fresh tap water. Do not use water that has been sitting in the kettle for a while or has been boiled before. 

You want to avoid water that has spent too much time in contact with the metal on the inside of the kettle. 

Step 2 

Boil around a litre of water and leave it to sit for 30 minutes or until it reaches 158F. If you have a kettle that allows you to select the temperature, you can do this. 

You may boil the water on the hob if you do not have a kettle. 

Step 3

Decide where you are going to make up the Formula Feed. Then make sure that you wipe down and disinfect that entire area. 

It is best that you use a set of baby-safe cleaning fluids rather than bleach or anything chemical like that. 

Step 4 

Now, you should wash your hands. 

Spend at least a minute scrubbing your hand in lukewarm or hot water. You should make sure that you are using a baby-friendly antibacterial soap. You want to make sure that you wash it all off your hands. 

Do not put on hand cream after washing your hands. 

Step 5 

Sterilise the bottle and the teat. It is best to use cold-water sterilisers. After you have done this, use the parboiled water to wash the bottle and teat again. Then shake the equipment until it is dry. 

Do not use tap water to wash anything you use to make Formula Feed. 

Step 6  

Once the bottle is dry, place it in the sterilised area. Only let the bottom of the bottle touch the surface. 

Do not let the soft part of the teat touch the surface even if it is disinfected. 

Step 7 

Using the remaining boiled water, follow the manufacturers' instructions and fill up the bottle. You want to avoid adding too little water, as the Formula Feed will become difficult for your baby to drink and digest. 

You should always add the water to the bottle before you add the formula feed. 

Step 8 

Take your Feed Formula of choice - like Sell Formula for example - and add it to the warm water. When you are going this, you should only use the scoop that comes with the formula and you should make sure it has been sterilised before you use it. 

Follow the manufacturers' instructions and add the necessary amount of scoops to the bottle. 

Step 9 

Wash your hands again, and then take the lid by the top of the teat and attach it to the bottle. 

There should be a sealing ring at the base of the lid that prevents any liquid from spilling. When you are cleaning the bottle, don't forget to clean under this seal. 

Step 10 

Place the cap over the teat and hold the whole thing from the base of the bottle. 

Shake the bottle until all of the Formula Feed powder has dissolved into the water. 

Step 11 

Now, you must cool the feed so that it is safe for your baby to drink. Instead of cooling it down by adding cold water - run the sides of the bottle under the cold tap for a few minutes. This will cool the Formula Feed. 

Step 12  

To check that the liquid has been cooled to the right temperature, squeeze a drop or two of the Formula Feed onto your wrist. 

It should be body temperature (around 27 degrees), so when it touches your skin it should not feel cold or warm. 

Most babies aren't bothered if the feed is too cold, but the feed being too warm can be dangerous. 

Step 13 

It is now time to feed your baby. 

If they do not drink all of the Formula Feed then throw the excess away. Do not keep it and reheat it later.