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How to Ease Into a Postpartum Exercise Routine After Birth

No matter how fit you were before the birth of your child, your postpartum exercise routine needs special consideration.

Your body undergoes several changes during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. And it takes almost the same time to get somewhere near the same fitness. 

The main thing you need during this time is to be realistic and be patient. Depending on your delivery case, your doctor may ask you to wait for several weeks before starting your workout routine or using a fitness machine

Let’s see what you need to follow when you start this routine.

Post-Pregnancy Workout Plan

A Slow Start

Workout right after giving birth to the baby is not a good idea. Give your body time. The uterus is still healing and exertion can cause discomfort in it.

Pushing yourself to a harder routine can prolong the healing process. It does not mean that you are captivated in your house. You can go out for a 5-minute walk. If you feel ok after coming back home, go for a 6-minute walk the next day. Similarly, keep increasing the time.

Similarly, if after a week you feel that your body allows, you can start with simple stretches and postpartum exercises.

Be Gentle with Your Joints and Abdomen 

Your body undergoes several hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy. For example, your joints and ligaments soften during childbirth and the hormones (Relaxin) responsible for this function stay within your body for up to six months. 

Consequently, your joints remain unstable, jerky, and wobbly for a long time. Strong exercises can harm your joints, so be mindful.

Start after an Established Milk Flow (If Breastfeeding) and Let the Vaginal Bleeding to Stop

Hard exercises may cause the vaginal bleeding to get heavier. This is the sign that your body needs rest and time to heal. In such cases stop exercising and give your body a good healing time.

Similarly, if you are breastfeeding your child, you need to eat more and be healthy to fulfill your child’s needs. Weight Loss is not as important as your body’s need to take in food.

Your body will automatically get in shape when you will get active again. So, it is recommended not to exercise before the milk supply in your body is firmly established.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during postpartum exercises is necessary, especially if you're breastfeeding.

Take More Rest

Rest is the key to fast healing and restoring. So, ensure not to burden yourself with hard workouts. Take a nap after a short walk and feel refreshed.

Final Words

So, if you are a fitness freak, don't panic right after giving birth. Your body needs time to get back to routine. If you forcefully try to get in shape it will adversely affect the body.

So, start slowly, be patient, and gradually get on track. And if you feel you are getting lethargic and spiritless, read the quotes for motivation, get inspiration, and get back to your fitness routine