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How to Decorate a Kids Room with Fancy Lighting Fixtures

We focus on furniture and paint colours in our kids’ room as parents, but we ignore lighting. Nevertheless, fancy lighting fixtures can transform the whole space. The correct lighting is important for it provides enough light for reading and playing whereas giving a touch of whimsy and style that shows who your child is.

So, before you do anything, come up with a theme or style that will act as a guideline in selecting fittings that are ideal. Does your kid love the sight of twinkling stars? Or perhaps they fantasise about a noble castle shining in the soothing glow of crystal chandeliers? Maybe an undersea garden with glowing, colourful sea creatures inspires them. You must perfectly understand your kid if you want to set up any theme.

The Main Lighting Fixture

For that fancy look, get these lighting fixtures:

  1. Chandeliers: Princess-themed rooms can be given some grace by miniature chandeliers or even space-themed rooms with skyward-reaching sparkling accents embedded with celestial chandeliers.
  2. Pendant Lights: These playful pendant lights vary in shape and theme from comical hot air balloons to lively rockets that launch kids into their imagination.
  3. Flush mounts:  These are ideal choices for rooms with lower ceilings. Some of these options include butterflies and clouds that can give a bit of playfulness without sacrificing their suitability.


Size does matter: A small chandelier might be too subdued for a large room while a tiny pendant light may get drowned in a small-sized space.

Dim the Lights, Set the Mood: Choose fixtures with dimming capabilities to easily alter brightness levels creating different atmospheres.

Adding Layers with Accent Lighting

Accent lighting helps to highlight specific areas within the overall room layout. Such may include focusing on either a reading nook or some art collection that exists there. Use this,

  1. Wall Sconces: Star or animal or flower shaped sconces are placed at just the right angle so they cast lovely shadows on walls thereby bringing the theme to life.
  2. Fairy Lights: Hang these twinkling lights from your ceiling, drape them around your canopy bed, or create constellations on your wall.
  3. Light-Up Wall Art: Light-up wall arts such as glowing butterflies and illuminated planets bring style and whimsy into the space.

Task Lighting

Some examples of the activities children often engage in are reading, homework and crafting which require focused light sources. The lighting has to be warm and cozy so as not to damage eyesight. You could also try.

  1. Desk Lamps: Moreover, these also need to have a flexible arm so that one can direct the light where it is most required in the room.
  2. Adjustable Wall-Mounted Fixtures: These lights are space-saving solutions and can be adjusted when children grow or their needs change.

Nightlights and Sleep-Friendly Lighting

During the night hours nightlights bring about a secure feeling. It is advisable to go for soft dim light bulbs with warm tones that ensure good sleep. For example;

  1. Motion-Sensing Night Lights: They only turn on depending on your child’s demand of them thereby avoiding excessive brightness throughout the night.
  2. Dimming Nightlights: Let you set how bright they should be providing enough visibility without interfering with sleep
  3. Nightlights with Comforting Designs: You can find ones that resemble favorite animals, characters or soothing patterns, among others.

Exploring Smart Lighting Solutions

When considering a kid’s room technology might help make things better. These include smart lighting solutions:

  1. Smart Bulbs or Fixtures: This makes it easy for both parents and children to use voice commands or smartphone applications to control these lights from any part of the house.
  2. Smart Lighting Schedules: Use devices that can adjust lighting according to your preference as you get close to the bedtime, so it can prepare your body to sleep better.

Safety First

For safety consider this.

  1. Durable Materials: Be smart in picking lights which are made of tough materials, shatterproof ones in particular are ideal if you are dealing with destructive hands.
  2. Cord Control: Make sure wires and cords are properly concealed or secured by applying cable organizers or clips to remove the obstacles which can result in tripping.
  3. Childproof Outlets:  Put childproof socket covers close to inactive outlets for poking any objects. This is to prevent children from sticking their fingers there.

The Final Touches

Not only will the right lighting choices be responsive to the needs of the room but they will also be motivating and create a supportive indoor climate for your child during playtime activities and appropriate sleep cycles. When shopping for lighting fixtures, don't let your child feel like an outsider, allow them to choose the light that may make them feel like a kingpin of their bedroom.