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How to Clean a Toilet

A toilet is perhaps one of the most likely sites where bacteria and other germs are likely to spread. This is why the regular cleaning of the toilet is very important if you want to maintain good hygiene. But, cleaning is just the removal of visible dirt or other unwanted material and is not enough to totally make a toilet safe for use. Disinfecting is also very much needed after cleaning to make it perfectly safe for you to use. Especially with little kids around.

This may sound like hectic, boring, or even gross work, but it need not be. Here, I tell you how to clean a toilet in a very easy and effective method.

Cleaning and disinfecting the bowl:

Before cleaning the toilet bowl, you need to drain it so the cleaner can have maximum effect on the surface of the bowl. Turning off the water supply and flushing the toilet once can help you with this. 

Now, you clean the bowl with a brush and a cleaner. For better results, let the cleaner rest on the surface of the bowl for some time before wiping it off with a brush. Lastly, flush the toilet and keep scrubbing while it is flushing to wipe off all the cleaner from the surface.

  1. Disinfecting the exterior:

Once you have cleaned the toilet from the inside, you can move onto disinfecting the exterior. Start with the top and pour the disinfectant all the way to the bottom. Be sure to cover all the crevices that are likely to remain unclean. You may use a brush for this procedure. After pouring disinfectant and letting it stay there for a while, clean it off with the help of a rag or microfiber cloth.

  1. Cleaning the base:

For cleaning the base of the toilet, a vinegar solution is recommended. Mix 2 cups of water with 1 cup of vinegar and put this solution in a spraying bottle. Now, spray the liquid all over the base of the toilet. Allow the solution to rest there for at least half an hour. Then wipe the mixture off with the help of a sponge and water.

  1. Cleaning the stain from the toilet:

Removing the ugly stains from the toilet is also a very necessary task. For this, spread vinegar over the surface of the bowl using a toothbrush. Now, add baking soda to it and wait for the bubbles to disappear. Now, scrub the stains on the toilet bowl and flush away the solution to get a perfectly clean toilet bowl.


Following this method ensures that your toilet is totally clean, disinfected from germs, and perfectly safe and hygienic for you to use. Parents with little kids have to make sure the toilet is extra clean. Kids can get clumsy and make a mess quite fast.  Just make sure that you regularly follow these procedures because toilets can get clean very quickly.