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How to Choose The Most Comfortable Outfit for a Walk with a Baby: Tips for Mums

The onset of the warm season calls for a well-rounded wardrobe, not only for children but also for what mum will wear. Walking with a child is a very active activity. At this time, mum should not only look attractive, but she should also be comfortable. Many may think combining style and comfort is unrealistic, but this is different.

Fashion stylists say the best solution for a comfortable outfit is a variety of combinations with clothes. Many stylish outfits are presented in GotToShop - tops with shorts, T-shirts with trousers, jumpers with skirts and many other options. What is more, the choice presented here is not only limited for a mum to walk with her baby. Numerous items of clothes from different fabrics for different seasons, accessories, sizes, colours, go together with an easy delivery process.

 We have collected some useful tips from stylists on choosing the best outfit.

Choose clothes made of lightweight and breathable fabrics

In summer, you should choose wardrobe items from natural, breathable fabrics. The best choices are:

* cotton

These materials provide optimal air circulation so you will be comfortable and cool in such clothes even on the hottest day. Also, natural fabrics quickly absorb moisture and evaporate it. Flax and cotton are excellent for sensitive skin, so increased sweating and heat will not irritate it.

A loose fit that doesn't restrict movement

Loose and lightweight clothing can prevent your body from overheating, even on a hot day. Mom's best choices for outings include:

* flowing loose dresses
* comfortable wide shorts
* oversize T-shirts

You should not wear tight clothes. They will not only restrain your movements but also retain heat, making you uncomfortable.

Bright colours and stylish prints in clothes

Summer is a great time to add bright colours and playful prints to your wardrobe. The most stylish colours for the hot season are:

* blue
* neon yellow
* coral
* pink

Even if your wardrobe has been pretty subdued, summer is a great time to add some colour to it.

Choose versatile clothing combinations

While compiling your summer wardrobe, choose things that will go well together. For example, you can buy denim shorts that will look great under a shirt combined with several T-shirts. You can also pick up universal skirts, stylish dresses that can be worn on their own or combined with a shirt, and a denim jacket for an evening walk when it gets a little cooler on the street.

It is also worth trying to play things so that you can easily go from an outfit for beach fun to clothes for an evening walk, changing only the top or bottom.

Use practical accessories to complement comfortable outfits

Don't assume that only the choice of clothes ends the composition of a mu's summer wardrobe. It is best to match your outfits with:

* headwear - caps, hats, skilfully tied headscarves
* sunglasses
* hair bands and hairpins.

A spacious bag or backpack is another indispensable thing for any mum on every walk with children. Do not take small clutches, where you can fit only a phone. The best solution for mum will be a spacious and comfortable shopper - a large shoulder bag. Here, you can put a water bottle, toys, sunscreen, phone, change of clothes for the child, beach towel and other things that may be needed on a walk.

Protect yourself from the sun

Summer walks with your baby involve constant exposure to the outdoors and the sun's rays. UV radiation leads to photoaging. Therefore, try to play with your wardrobe so that your outfits fit wide-brimmed hats, which will hide your face from the constant sunlight. Also, remember sunglasses.

Another tip from stylists - choose summer tops with long sleeves and trousers with long trousers to cover your body from excessive sun rays. The summer season doesn't mean you must always wear short shorts, skirts and tank tops. Choosing a lightweight and breathable fabric will make you comfortable in fairly closed clothing. Also, apply sunscreen on yourself and your child to prevent sunburn. 

To summarise

In conclusion, choosing suitable clothing for summer walks with a child involves the purchase of things that will perfectly combine comfort and style. In the warm season, wearing things made of light, breathable fabrics is worth wearing. Remember that your comfort and body protection from overheating and excessive sweating should come first. As a mother, you should care not only about your child's comfort but also your comfort during active walks in the park, trips to the beach and other situations.