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How To Choose Affordable Quality Kids Shoes

Kids’ shoes are more important to their development than you think. They keep their feet warm and protect them from injuries, but they’re also essential in aiding their foot growth.

This is why it’s crucial to choose the right pair of shoes that will help them maintain balance and develop muscle strength. This is especially important because physical activities like running and playing are common during their development stages.

Good shoes don’t need to be expensive, and affordability doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sacrificing quality. There are many options for affordable quality kids’ shoes that are available today. You just have to do some research to ensure that you pick the right one.

Here are the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing affordable quality kids’ shoes.

  1. Check The Material

Good quality shoes should be made of durable materials. Most kids' shoes are made of rubber or leather; however, not all of them are made the same. If you want to ensure that the pair you’re getting is right for your child, you should check the kind of rubber or leather used.

The materials should be sturdy and durable while being soft and lightweight. It’s fine to wear heavy shoes as an adult, as your bones and muscles are fully developed and can carry extra weight. But since kids are still in the process of growing, their shoes should be extra gentle on the feet.

    2. Know The Fit

This goes without saying, but getting the proper fit is important. Having your child wear poorly fitted shoes may lead to them sustaining injuries or foot problems. If you want them to be able to move about and play safely, make sure their shoes aren’t too tight or too big for their feet.

At the same time, you may want to ensure that there’s enough space between your kid’s heel and the shoe, as well as from the toes to the toe cap. Moreover, the top of the shoe shouldn’t press on your kid’s foot. It’s recommended that you choose shoes that have a little more room, because kids’ feet grow fast.

   3. Do The Flexibility Test

Kids shoes should be flexible to allow for swift movements. Their feet are still growing, and their bones are still soft; thus, their shoes should be able to move with their feet.

When considering a pair of shoes you want to purchase for your child, you should bend the shoe slightly to see if it’s good enough to use. Quality kids’ shoes should be able to bend 45 degrees without breaking or losing form. The heel should also be elastic enough that it won’t break if squeezed.

   4. Check The Structure And Support

A shoe has many parts, such as the insole, heel, toe cap, and outer sole. All these parts should be able to give adequate support to your child’s feet.

The insoles should be made of absorbent material to keep the feet dry, and it should be soft to prevent calluses. The insoles should be made of absorbent material to keep the feet dry, and it should be soft to prevent calluses, if you're not sure which one to choose, you can go online for more options and tips, places like Protalus are a great option to start looking for insoles. The heel should also be flexible and soft to avoid risk of injuring the foot. For added precautions, it would be best to get a pair with nonslip soles and hard toe caps, since kids are prone to slipping, bumping into things, and dropping things that might land on their feet.

High-cut shoes may be better than low-cut ones, as they provide better ankle support. And, since shoelaces often come undone and may end up tripping your kid, shoes with straps are recommended over those with laces.

   5. Know What Kind To Buy

Different types of shoes are needed for different occasions. With all their activities, kids usually need two to three types of shoes. These include playing shoes, casual shoes, and school or formal shoes.

Playing shoes should be made of sturdy materials like rubber. Rubber shoes are great for playing because they give the right support for many of the activities involved, such as running or jumping. They also have good grip so kids are less likely to slip along the floor.

Casual shoes can be made of any material, whether it’s canvas or rubber. What’s important is that they’re lightweight, breathable, and easy to walk in.

Lastly, formal shoes or school shoes are usually made of leather. They should be stretchy, breathable, and resistant to tears and abrasions. Because leather can scar feet when it’s rubbed against, you should make sure your kid’s formal shoes are made from soft leather that won’t damage sensitive skin.

Choose The Best Shoes

Good quality shoes don’t have to be expensive. There are many brands out there that offer good value for money. Just make sure to do your research and check the products properly.

It’s not a good idea to spend a lot on kids’ shoes, because their feet grow faster than adult feet. However, it’s also not a good idea to get whatever affordable pair you find; you still need to put careful consideration into the shoes you buy for your kid. Thus, it’s better to choose shoes that give a better price-to-quality trade-off. With the tips above, you can make more informed decisions so you can choose the best shoes for your kid.