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Here Comes the Baby! Preparing Your Nursery

You have exciting times ahead. A newbie is coming to your family, and you need to fluff your nest to make sure you are fully prepared for the new arrival. Whether you are making quick changes to a child’s room or creating your nursery from scratch, you are clearly looking for practical advice to help you along the way. Here, we give you some of the best tips available, giving you the peace of mind that you really do have most nursery-based eventualities covered.

Function first, form later

Sure, the curtains with the ducklings and the cute bees are perfect for the window. They are also mostly transparent and will allow the daylight to pour into the nursery. Say goodbye to any time in the day, as the baby will struggle to sleep.

The point of this example is to help illustrate how important it is to think of the baby’s – and your – needs when designing the room. We understand that blackout curtains might seem extreme, but you’ll soon be grateful for every extra minute of peace they afford you.

Equally, check the temperature of the room. A cold room will need good heating, and a warm room will need ventilation. Think about where you place the cot in relation to the sunlight that comes through the window, keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Finally, when making sure the room functions well, ensure there is an area to change a nappy and an area for momma or papa to sit and nurse the child. You deserve some comfort in this room; you will be in there a lot.

Safety is a must

Buying furniture with the appropriate British Standard mark is essential. This does not mean you have to pay for the expensive option; instead, look for the kite mark that assures you that it is safe for your child. This need for safety is particularly true of your cop, where you need to be reassured that it is the right depth, doesn’t have steps, and the bars are the correct distance from each other.

If you are in doubt, look at consumer sites such as Which can offer the recommendations you need for peace of mind.

Also, make sure that you position your cot in a safe area away from windows, heaters, lamps, decorations, and cords. Remember, your baby will soon be able to stand, and you want to be sure they cannot reach anything and pull on it.

Avoid overstimulation

You will want the nursery to be a place of sleep. Therefore, bright colours, if you are indeed repainting, are likely to be counter to your hopes. Keeping the palette soft and leaning into the pastels to create a calm effect will make your baby feel relaxed. 

Equally, avoid too many images. One single piece of artwork is enough, and it will stop you wasting too much money. As the child grows, they will want the room to change again and again. Best to keep the re-renovation as light as possible. The more neutral you make it, the less likely you will be decorating every couple of years.

Build your design around a key piece of furniture

When wondering where to start, it is usually a good idea to select the cot or dresser you like and then build the rest of the design around this piece. You want the design to feel consistent and themed, and starting with one thing you love will mean you create the design you adore. 

What does this mean practically? It means that the urge to buy wallpaper or paint should be paused. It is better to wait until you find the focal point and then choose your colours and motifs.

And finally - enjoy it!

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the process of designing your new nursery. You are welcoming a new human into your life and beginning the process of helping them feel safe and loved. It is a special moment and one to be cherished. You do not have to rush, and the closer you get to the birth, the more you will feel the desire to nest. Also, your baby will only have eyes for you for months, so even when they arrive, you can make choices based on what you learn about their character.