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Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Going back to work after maternity leave is not an easy thing. It requires you to make personal and professional adjustments while transitioning. The thought of staying for several hours without seeing your kid seems unbearable. Also, hormonal changes, feeling out of control, and lack of sleep can make resuming the office harrowing. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make the experience better.

Here are the six tips to ensure a smooth transition as you return to the office.

#1. Make a plan

As you prepare to return to your job after delivery, it is essential to do prior planning. Plan out your new routine and maybe have a trial run several days or weeks before you go back to the office. Also, find reliable childcare earlier, which will help you feel more comfortable leaving your toddler with them. In addition, before you go back to work, you must decide whether you will be breastfeeding full-time or part-time. Or you will opt for formula. Once you decide, it will help you create a feeding plan for you and your baby. Moreover, it is crucial to do a wardrobe check and shop where necessary.  

#2. Consider flexible hours

Opting to work remotely or on flexible hours can be a good idea as you get back to work as a new mom. It will help foster your connection with your baby. However, if your current job does not allow flexible hours, it may be the right time to get into a more flexible career. Today there are many jobs, especially in IT, that are work from home and allow you to work around your personal schedule. Consider taking an online course like the ones offered by EPICODE at a great price to learn the skills you need to go fully remote and flexible.

#3. Ease back into your old routine and consider going back part-time

You can ease returning back to your old routine after maternity leave by first working part-time. That will help to ease the pressure of balancing your new routine life and focusing on work. Also, when working part-time, you can shift your attention and ambition to work so that you can return to full-time after some time. 

#4. Set realistic expectations

As you transition from your new home routine to work after your parental leave, setting realistic expectations about your work and life is advisable. That will help avoid unnecessary pressure, which can help improve and make out of your life. 

#5. Be gentle with yourself

Parenting is not easy; you are most likely to be emotionally depleted when you resume work. The thought of quitting may come across your mind. But just because you are frustrated or worried today doesn't mean it will be that way forever. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that that is just a stage and will come to pass.

#6. Schedule in some self-care time

Although finding time for yourself when juggling work and your baby may seem impossible. It is essential when making your schedule, to include self-care time. Remember, you cannot do either of your jobs when you are completely exhausted. It is imperative to prevent burnout.

What advice do you give a new mum returning to work after maternity leave? The above are a few tips that can help ensure an effortless transition.