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Globe Trotting Teddies - Kids Toys Now Better Travelled than Most Parents were as Children

Research on the nation’s packing habits has found three out of four parents admit that their children’s teddy has been to more countries than they had as a child.

As children dominate suitcase space, 77 percent of parents confess to leaving their creature comforts at home in place of cuddly toys. The survey from Eurocamp also found that Britains refuse to forgo their beloved brews with tea bags and kettles topping this list of most packed itemsThree out of four British parents have admitted that their child's precious cuddly toy has seen more places around the globe than they ever did as a child.

A survey of 1,500 people from European holiday experts Eurocamp has looked at the packing habits of the nation and found out the surprising ways that our children take priority when we go away for a well deserved break. With their cuddly companion being a non-negotiable travel item for little ones, 72 percent of parents have said that their child's cuddly toy HAS to come on holiday, and if it doesn’t a meltdown could happen at any moment.

Nearly two thirds of families have admitted that they give up precious suitcase space for their children, missing out on vital holiday outfit options and their own creature comforts with kids taking the priority in our suitcases, nearly 80 percent of families have had to become self-declared packing masters. Think packing cubes, tightly rolling clothes and missing out on their own home comforts to make space for their little ones favourite items.

Despite the stress of packing for a family, nearly 90 percent of people revealed that packing makes them even more excited for a trip, with 60 percent saying that packing is the BEST part of a holiday. With suitcase space becoming a rarity, families have exposed that they get into an average of THREE arguments before their big departure, even though Brits take a lot of time and effort with their packing, taking an average of five days to carefully curate their bags, precious home comforts can still be forgotten.

Eurocamp’s survey showed that over a third of Brits have admitted to crying after forgetting their favourite home comforts. Asking what things they have cried over, the survey found the top 10 items Brits love to take abroad with them:
1. Tea bags 
2. Their own pillow 
3. Chocolate 
4. Sweets 
5. Their child’s favourite toy 
6. Calpol 
7. A teddy bear 
8. Biscuits 
9. An Iron 
10. Their own duvet

Staying true to the stereotype of being tea-lovers, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said they NEED to pack tea bags in order to survive a holiday, with nearly one in six admitting to packing their own kettle or coffee machine to make their perfect holiday brew. A further 15 percent confessed to bringing their own iron abroad with them, forgoing an extra pair of shoes to make sure that their clothes look pristine. Nearly 14 percent of Brits admitted to stuffing their favourite duvet into their suitcase to get the perfect night sleep when on holiday.

Despite the love British people have for their home comforts, 40 percent of people admitted to judging those that need to bring their precious creature comforts abroad with them. With Brits having a long list of favourite items to bring abroad with them, finding a place to stay that can accommodate them is important.

Ross Matthews, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Eurocamp said: “The survey data about what the nation loves to take on holiday with them really reflects everything we see in our parcs across Europe. “Our love of tea isn’t world renowned for nothing. Some of our on-site team have even revealed this is a regular question guests ask when they arrive; where can they get their favourite tea bags?”

“Eurocamp has all amenities for British people to feel comfortable, with kettles coming as standard in all holiday homes and creature comforts like coffee machines available in our latest models. “Our holiday homes are big enough to fit all of your favourite things, whether that be a week's supply of tea bags or your little ones' cuddly toy collection.”