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Fun Ways to Practice Spanish With Your Toddler

Did you know that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? There are about 500 million native speakers in Africa, Europe, and America. The language is fun and easy for your kids to learn. It is at the center of language learning for schools worldwide. 

Here are a few fun yet practical ways to practice Spanish with your toddler.

1. Songs

Doesn't it seem like younger kids are always singing? You can use their love for songs to practice Spanish. Music is excellent for memorization; your kid will likely remember whatever they learn for a long time.

The best thing about songs is that you can apply them to anything. Challenge your toddler to come up with songs for days of the week, their favorite foods, colors, and whatever else.

Once they have a few songs, allow them to show off what they learned and offer guidance when necessary. Challenge your toddler to switch up their songs to encourage continuous learning. You can have fun by making signs, dancing, and using props.

The key is to have so much fun that they don’t feel like they’re learning. Keep their little mind engaged and encourage self-expression. From dance parties to random songs as you go about your day, your toddler will become a Spanish pro in no time.

If you have difficulty determining the right song to help your child learn, go to YouTube and find the Spanish version of a song they like.

2. Take Online Spanish Classes

If you think your language skills are not high enough and it would be a good idea to improve them, consider enrolling in an online Spanish course for yourself and your spouse. These classes will improve your grammar, speaking and reading. When you reach a decent level of Spanish, you can practice with your child using the various methods described below and increase their confidence and understanding of the Spanish language.

Usually, the classes are offered by native-level Spanish teachers. They are qualified, experienced, and committed to helping you meet your goals. The best thing about Spanish classes is that they are convenient. You can take the lessons at your convenience. Sign up for Lingoda Spanish classes today and start learning.

3. Movies

Who doesn’t like cuddling up with their child and catching up on a good movie? In addition to being fun, it is also a wonderful trick to practice you and your toddler’s Spanish.

Get a movie you're familiar with, and have fun. The best movies for learning are short and sweet. They are great if you want your toddler to learn new phrases and improve their grammar.

Use positive reinforcement to keep your child interested in the movie. You can quiz them on the storyline and offer gifts if they get it right. They’ll need to make guesses based on the context. Movies are some of the best ways to help your child pick up on a Spanish accent.

4. Reading

Consider reading Spanish to your toddler. Reading Spanish can be easier than most languages since every letter has one specific sound. Teach your child basic sounds of the alphabet. Show the sound of every word, and your child will learn in no time.

Audiobooks can be helpful as well. You can read while your child hears how native speakers pronounce different words. They will have the confidence to read things out loud in no time. 

Go and get your child a few Spanish books. 

Reading the same stories repeatedly makes it easier to understand them. When your child already knows the plot, characters, and story, they can focus more on specific words and phrases. They intuitively translate Spanish stories into a language they already understand.

5. Games

All kids love games. They are naturally drawn to anything that allows them to have fun. If you can transform Spanish classes into a game, your child will respond positively.

If, for example, you want them to help you clean up their room, turn it into a game, and they will be on their little feet faster than you imagine. The same applies to learning Spanish. Take advantage of physical and digital games to make things easier. Pick simple games that your child can grasp quickly.

6. Consistency

Consistency is the most important thing to keep in mind when practicing Spanish. If you want your toddler to excel, you have to be patient. Take time to answer their questions and review new words and phrases. Speak Spanish any chance you get, and you'll see results in no time.

Include Spanish in every part of their life. This includes the movies they watch, games, and songs. The more they practice, the better they become. Everything you try is only helpful if you are consistent.

If you are trying to practice Spanish with your toddler, your options are unlimited. From songs to movies and games, there is always an opportunity to learn new words and phrases. Consider taking online Spanish classes if you need professional help. The right lessons improve your grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish accent.