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Summer Crafts: Lots of Fun to be had with your Little Ones using everyday items

Have fun mixing to create different colours What fun can be had with empty tubs, water and food colouring?

Coloured Water Transfer Play

This water activity is a no-brainer, no fail, and lots of fun! Fill two tubs with water and add food colouring to each. One with blue and one with yellow. Make sure to set out a third, empty tub for your little one to scoop and pour the coloured water into. Set out scoops to transfer the water, ie, ice cream scoop, measuring spoons, can strainer, large mug. Watch the delight of your little one, scooping back and forth and seeing the change of colour and making the colour green. Craft courtesy of Mummy Blogger 'Hands On as We Grow' -  


[caption id="attachment_1354" align="alignright" width="150"]Have fun trying to make the longest bubble snake It's amazing how much fun can be had with a bottle, a sock and some bubble mixture[/caption]

Bubble Snake Blower

Playing outside with bubbles is an all time favourite! Cut the bottom off the plastic drink bottle, pull a sock over the bottom of the bottle, dip the sock covererd bottle into a bowl of bubble mixture (washing up liquid & water). Blow through the top of the bottle - have lots of fun making bubble snakes! Craft courtesy of 'Messy Little Monster' - for more fun visit   [caption id="attachment_1356" align="alignright" width="150"]How many different patterns can you create from nature Did you know you can make interesting paint brushes from leaves, bark and sheep's wool?[/caption]

Nature Paintbrushes

Make simple paint brushes from nature and see what painty patterns you can create. Go on a nature walk, collect lots of interesting pieces of nature and then get painting! To make your nature brushes, simply attach a piece of nature to a stick using an elastic band (or a piece of string). Lay out a roll of paper and get some pots of paint. Try dabbing the brushes on the paper or sweeping them across it. Have fun, get messy and explore! Craft courtesy of 'Messy Little Monster' - for more fun visit