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Freshen Up Easter with this Fun Easter Egg Hunt

IMG_7810-467x700 Begin with writing down a word on a piece of paper.[/caption] The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual tradition for many families – our children look forward to it almost as much as Christmas! But keeping it fresh each year can be a challenge, so here’s a great egg hunt idea that is not only fun, but also helps with learning to read (a bit!) You'll just need a few simple items:

1) Start by writing down a word(s) on a piece of paper – tailor the difficulty level to your child. Use a different colour for each letter and space each letter out as you will be cutting them out in a moment. Do this twice, so you have two pieces of paper that look the same. You might use the words for your prize (e.g. 'Easter Egg'), or you could choose a word or letters that achieve a particular learning objective such as teaching the vowels, or two-letter words.

2) Cut out each letter from one piece of paper, so all letters are separated. 3) Pop each of the cut out letters in its own plastic egg. [caption id="attachment_961" align="alignright" width="250"]Matching the letters to find the message Matching the letters to find the message[/caption] 4) Now the fun begins! Hide the eggs around your home and/or garden. Then let your little ones loose to find all the eggs! 5) When your little one returns with all their eggs, give them the 2nd piece of paper with the prize word written on it. 6) As they open their eggs, your child now needs to match the letters they have found with the letters on the piece of paper (you may want to stick them down with a bit of glue). If they are little, or unsure of their letters, this is where the colours come into play – they can use the colours to find the match if needs be. 7) Once all the letters are in place, you can sound it out with them - and now your little can have their prize. Learning - tick! Fun - tick!

Craft Courtesy of Mummy Blogger 'Hands On As We Grow':