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Fresh and Clean: Nurturing Your Kids with Natural Deodorant

Toddlers grow up very quickly, and they will eventually experience body changes.

As your child grows, they will eventually hit puberty — and a sign of it is an increase in body odour. 

When this happens, this means it is time to introduce them to deodorant.

The skin in the armpit is more sensitive than other areas of the body. Because of that, it might be a good idea to get your child a natural deodorant that is gentle on the skin.

Today, we will be discussing why you should get a natural deodorant and how to choose one.

What Are the Benefits of Using Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorants are gentler on the skin than traditional deodorants.

Below are a few more specific reasons why it is a good idea to get natural deodorant for kids.

Avoids Skin Irritation

As the name implies, natural deodorants contain natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. These make the products safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Natural deodorants do not have chemicals, so they will not cause skin irritation.

On top of that, the ingredients can even nourish the skin, making it soft, smooth, and fresh.

A growing child entering puberty might have more sensitive skin than usual. Fortunately, a natural deodorant can prevent that.

Keeps Pores Clear

Traditional deodorants contain chemicals that can clog pores. This can cause a buildup of good and bad bacteria, which can worsen body odour in the long run.

However, natural deodorants have skin-friendly ingredients that keep your pores open so your skin can breathe.

Prevents Shirt Stains

Chemicals like aluminium, found in traditional deodorants, can cause different reactions to the fabrics that you wear.

Sometimes, they result in yellowish stains on the cloth.

But since natural deodorants do not have chemicals, your child’s shirts remain stain-free. 

However, you can also avoid stains by not over-applying the deodorant, whether it is natural or contains chemicals.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Natural Deodorant?

There are many natural deodorants on the market, so how do you choose which one is the best option for your child?

Each person has individual needs and preferences, and including your growing child in the process can make them more easily accept wearing deodorant.

Below are some factors to consider when shopping for a natural deodorant.


A good natural deodorant for kids should be specially formulated for kids. They contain ingredients that are gentle on the skin and offer benefits that traditional deodorants do not.

Below are some natural ingredients to keep an eye out for and how they can be good for your child.

* Shea butter - Soothes the skin and reduces inflammation
* Tapioca starch - Absorbs moisture, which can fight bacteria and reduce odour
* Coconut oil - Antibacterial, since it changes the bacterial makeup of the armpits
* Kaolin clay - Absorbs body moisture and neutralises body odour — it also increases blood circulation
* Charcoal - A cleansing compound that can detoxify the skin, absorb moisture, and neutralise odour
* Arrowroot powder - Absorbs oil and moisture

Steer clear of aluminium, parabens, and propylene glycol.

Application Type

Deodorants come in many types.

* Roll-on - A very common option that is easy to apply
* Aerosol - Another relatively common option that’s good for the gym or locker room
* Gel or cream - These are thick liquids that dry clear
* Wipes - These are good for trips or for emergencies when you forget to apply your regular deodorant. Keep in mind that these are single-use and disposable
* Crystal - These are made of natural mineral salts and are great for those with very sensitive skin 

You can ask your child what they prefer. Roll-ons are the most beginner-friendly since they are the most common option on the market.


A scented deodorant can make beginners want to wear it. There are also light fragrances, so the product doesn’t smell too overwhelming.

But if your child has started to wear cologne, an unscented deodorant might be better so it does not clash with the scent of the cologne.

How Can Kids Stay Fresh and Clean?

Body odour is a sign that your kids are entering puberty. Fortunately, there are several ways for them to stay fresh and clean. 

Use Deodorant

Deodorant works to eliminate armpit odour rather than perspiration. So, even if you sweat, a good deodorant can mask the smell.

If the product is scented, it can even make you smell good.

Shower Regularly

Showering daily with soap can go a long way in keeping your child clean and fresh.

If they sweat a lot, whether naturally or because they are involved in sports, they may need a second shower to refresh themselves.

Tell your growing child to pay special attention to washing their armpits, groin area, and feet.

Wear Clean Clothes

A shirt may look clean, but if you have worn it the whole day or sweated in the few hours you had it on, it is better to put it in the laundry and grab a new one.

That is because sweat, heat, and bacteria can lock smells in the fabric.

Aside from shirts, remember to always change into fresh underwear and socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Body odour does not have to be scary if you know how to deal with it well.

 Below are some frequently asked questions to further help your child battle body odor.

When Should Kids Start Using Deodorant?

There is no set age for kids to start using deodorant.

However, girls may need it as early as eight years old, and boys when they turn nine years old.

Your child may need it earlier or later depending on factors like the amount of physical activity, body chemistry, and diet.

Younger children who are bothered by their body odour may want to use it earlier.

You can also introduce them to deodorant even before they officially hit puberty. This is so they are already used to it by the time they really need it.

Can Kids Use Antiperspirants Instead of Deodorant?

Yes, kids can use an antiperspirant instead of deodorant.

That is because many modern antiperspirants also have deodorant effects, so they help minimise odour and wetness.

Some parents let their kids use both for their armpits, which is okay. Sometimes, antiperspirant is used only for the hands and feet if a child is especially sweaty in those areas.

If you are only concerned about the smell, then deodorant is enough.


There is no right age to introduce deodorant to your growing child. You can give it to them when you notice body odor or even before you see signs of puberty.

A natural deodorant is a good option since it prevents skin irritation and does not stain clothes.

When choosing a product for your child, you can ask their preference for scents and application type.

However, it is important that you check the ingredients list to ensure that it is gentle and beneficial for them.