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Find the Perfect Pre-school Dance Class

Dancebox Studios Dancebox Studios offers classes for dancers age 2-16 years. Matthew Linecar-Boulton is the Artistic Director at Dancebox Studios based at The Hub, MK. Here he puts together a helpful ‘what to look for list’ when choosing a pre-school dance class: The market is saturated with pre-school dance classes, so what should you be looking for when signing your little one up for their first dance experience? MYTH – Dance teachers are all qualified Unfortunately, there are lots of ‘dance teachers’ out there who are not qualified to teach. When choosing a class, make sure that the teacher is qualified with an accredited examining board and CDET. The examining boards will make sure that the teacher’s insurance and DBS checks are valid. If there are more than 8 children in the class, then there should also be a teaching assistant in the studio. MYTH - Parents can’t stay in the studio with their little one Parents should be allowed to stay with their little dancer until they are totally comfortable with the teacher. Only when the child is ready to be left alone should the parent be asked to leave the studio.

MYTH – They’ll need lots of dance shoes Shoes and the correct dancewear are to a dancer what a football is to a footballer. Yes, there’s an initial outlay for uniform but once you’ve purchased your ballet shoes and leotard (at Dancebox our preschoolers wear the most darling tutus!) you’re all set. I’ll move them to a ‘proper studio’ when they’re older Unlearning bad practice is so much harder than just learning it correctly the first time! Bad teaching can result in injury, so go with your gut - if it doesn’t feel like the teacher or the studio is 100% competent then politely make your excuses and leave. Mirrors, specialist dance floor, ballet barres and variable climate control are all essentials for the safety and wellbeing of little bodies. A performance at the end Look for a studio that produces a show which is in line with the local council’s chaperone licensing laws and signed off by both a Health and Safety officer and Fire Marshall.

Dancebox Studios offers classes for dancers age 2-16. T: 01908 699503