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How to Feed Children who are Picky Eaters

It can often be a frustrating experience to feed a toddler who is a fussy eater. However, as a parent, giving up is never an option! Most toddlers love to snack. You need to dig out the snack options which are best for your child.

How to feed children who are picky eaters

Plus, you need to choose foods and snacks that are healthy also. For example, some children have gluten-intolerance. You can buy Gluten-Free Snacks Online at Funch for such children.

Here are some tips to help you with feeding fussy eaters:

Things to remember when feeding your child

Respect the appetite of your child

The mistake a lot of mums make is that they fail to understand their child’s appetite. As a mother, you should not force the child to eat beyond his or her appetite. If you do this, your child may end up getting more aggressive when it comes to eating.

Eating is one of the few things children have control of in their lives. As such, it is a common area for conflict between parent and child. When you allow your child to stop eating when they are full, the conflict will reduce, and eating can gradually become a fun activity for the child. The best approach will be not to overwhelm your child in the first place. Of course, if they say they are full, then they won’t need to snack immediately after mealtimes – you may need to remind them of this.

Many parents give their children too much food - the smart approach is to give small food portions to your child.

Keep introducing new foods when your child refuses some food items

There are times when toddlers refuse food. Now, there can be several factors responsible for this. As a mother, you need to figure out using a trial and error approach. If the taste of some foods do not appeal to your child, then you need to try out different combinations.

Gradually, you will figure out what your child likes. It is essential to become experimental with food. For example, if you give broccoli to the child and they reject it, you can try serving it with a dip. A yummy dip may encourage the child to have broccoli.

Do not prepare a separate meal as this encourages picky eating

There are times when parents get too disturbed by the fact that their child is not eating. The mistake many make is that they start to prepare a separate meal for the child. This is a big mistake as you are encouraging picky eating habits when you prepare separate food.

The best approach will be to ask your child to remain sitting with other members of the family even when they don’t want to eat.

Set a Good Example

If you want your child to eat healthily, then you need to set the example. Children (pretty much) always follow the example of their parents. When you eat healthy food, then your children will eventually follow suit.

Remember, defining the eating habits of your children requires a lot of patience. Healthy eating habits will not develop in one day. It is more of a gradual process. However, the hard work is worth it because eventually picky eaters will broaden their preferences – given the right encouragement.