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Experiences in London for Kids Who Love Movies

A city that not only boasts historical landmarks and royal palaces but also sets the stage for some of the world's most iconic film moments. From the suave adventures of James Bond to the magical allure of the Harry Potter series, the capital has it all. So if you’ve got a little movie buff in tow, here's how you can offer them the ultimate film-inspired day out in London.

1. James Bond London Bus Tour

Eager for a cinematic adventure through the heart of London? Embark on the 'James Bond Tour of London by Bus', where the world of the ultimate British spy comes alive. This exhilarating ride lets your young Bond aficionado visit film locations from the renowned Bond films. From the bustling city streets to those secretive alleys, you'll glimpse Bonds' secret offices and relive the exhilarating chases and daring escapades. And what's a Bond tour without a bit of real-life spy drama? Go spy spotting outside the actual MI6 Headquarters. By the end of this thrilling journey, your young Bond enthusiast will be bursting with tales of espionage, ready to regale friends and family. A true 007 experience awaits!

2. Best of British James Bond Driving Experience

Dreamt of a ride in Bond's luxurious cars? The Best of British James Bond Driving Experience offers precisely that, allowing fans to dive deep into the high-octane world of 007. From the sleek curves of the Aston Martin DB5 to the roaring engine of the Aston Martin Vantage, and not forgetting the exquisite Aston Martin DBS - they'll get to choose 3 from a range of these James Bond cars to live out their cinematic fantasies. The best part? No driving licence is required for certain cars, making it a dream come true for Bond enthusiasts of all ages. Available from Monday to Friday, this thrilling experience concludes with a certificate to celebrate your achievements, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime. Buckle up, as they channel their inner Bond, James Bond!

3. James Bond for a Day

Ever dreamt of stepping straight into a Bond film? For enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves completely, the 'James Bond for a Day' experience awaits. Dive into a thrilling 6-hour Speedboat or Target Practice Experience, curated for those with true 007 ambitions.

For those who opt for a day of sharpshooting, they'll visit a shooting range, firing away with 300 rounds from a diverse range of firearms. It's a chance to perfect their aim and get a real feel for the murky world of spies, sabotage, and assassination. If speed and spectacle are more their style, they can opt for a heart-pounding speedboat ride down the River Thames. As the boat slices through the water, they'll be taken past iconic scenes from Bond movies, feeling every bit the secret agent as the wind rushes through their hair.

But that's not all! Whichever path they choose, the day begins with a sumptuous breakfast at a secret location in Whitehall, setting the tone for a day of intrigue and excitement. This is Bond-style adrenaline, unfiltered and unforgettable!

4. The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

From covert operations to captivating magic, London never ceases to enchant. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London beckons all budding witches and wizards for a magical dive into the entrancing world of Harry Potter. With your entry to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, the enchantment starts as soon as the doors swing open.

Wander through iconic sets from the film series that have shaped a generation. Feel the grandeur of Dumbledore’s office, sense the communal spirit in the Great Hall, and uncover secrets from the most hidden corners of the Hogwarts castle. With a generous 4 hours at the studio tour, there's ample time to soak in every detail, every spell, and every magical moment.

And the enchantment doesn't end there. Elevate your magical experience with a delightful 2-course lunch or a traditional afternoon tea at a Manor Hotel. It's a splendid option that marries British elegance with the wonder of the wizarding world.

As the day concludes, even the most fervent Potterheads will leave with twinkling eyes and hearts full of magic. Lumos!

5. Wizards Walking Tour in London

In the heart of London lies a magical realm, waiting to be explored by those with a keen eye for enchantment. Dive deep into this mystical world with the Wizards Walking Tour, a mesmerising journey through the city's most spellbinding sites. Visit WonderDays for more information regarding this excited tour.

Guided by a Harry Potter expert, your adventure will unravel the rich tapestry of magic woven into London's streets. As you weave through the labyrinth of the city, you'll find yourself standing before the famous Diagon Alley, feeling the inviting warmth of the Leaky Cauldron, and marvelling at many other landmarks straight from the beloved films.

But that’s not all! As you tread this magical path, your guide will also introduce you to some of London's famous landmarks visited during the series, blending the city's rich history with its fictional tales of spells and sorcery. And worry not, for there will be ample photo opportunities along the way. Whether you're channelling your inner wizard or just soaking in the magic, every snap will be a cherished memory.

So, lace up your walking shoes and embark on this enchanting journey, where every turn holds a story, and every story holds a touch of magic.