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Educational Toddler Books: Fun Stories that Teach Numbers, Colors, and Shapes

Two-year-olds are quite teachable, they are quite delightful—especially when they're clutching a book in their tiny hands. Some of the most cherished moments I have from my kids’ toddler years involve them nestled on my lap, surrounded by a towering pile of books.

As my youngest approaches her second birthday, I'm eagerly unearthing all the beloved books I once read with my older children. We've shared these stories countless times, and I look forward to sharing them countless more.

Best Toddler Books

1. Kahlo’s Koalas

Introduce children to a variety of art styles with this uniquely crafted counting book. Vivid illustrations inspired by legendary artists—ranging from Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh to Andy Warhol—transform each page into a visual delight. The use of alliteration adds a playful rhythm, making it an enjoyable read-aloud experience.

There is an easy way to find an educational book or a collection of fun stories - use mobile reading applications. For example, FictionMe – read thousands of novels for free or choose books for children according to your taste. Although there are a lot of novels for free, there is also children's content, which means both you and the child can use the application.

2. Whistle for Willie

Peter is eager to learn how to whistle, yet he quickly discovers it’s more challenging than it seems. This beautifully illustrated story, perfect for toddlers who loved The Snowy Day, follows a young boy navigating city life and his quest to master whistling.

3. Voyage to the Bunny Planet

Every child deserves a journey to Bunny Planet. In a trio of tales, Janet, the Bunny Queen, whisks three young bunnies away from their difficult days to Bunny Planet, where they experience the day they were meant to have. Rosemary Wells's straightforward storytelling and delightful illustrations offer comfort and are a hit with young readers.

4. The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day

This distinctive counting book encourages children to engage in tracing, blowing on, and counting numbers to unlock them. Throughout this interactive experience, young readers will explore colors, seasons, patterns, and numerical concepts. Featuring imaginative wordplay, dynamic text, and vivid illustrations, this book provides an innovative and captivating method for teaching numbers.

5. Counting With/Contando Con Frida

Frida Kahlo stands as one of the most iconic Latin American artists globally, embodying resilience and inspiration for countless individuals. This counting book offers a delightful introduction to her remarkable life, while simultaneously teaching numbers in both English and Spanish. Explore her Casa Azul in Mexico City, admire five vibrant portraits, count her ten toes, and immerse your child in the enchanting world of Frida!

6. Just for Me

This delightful introduction to sharing is particularly relevant as your child approaches the age of two. During a playdate, Ruby's insistence on keeping things "Just for me!" inevitably leads to some trouble. Fortunately, Ruby soon discovers that sharing with friends is much more enjoyable. By the way, FictionMe for iOS does the same thing, giving out free books. This is a good opportunity to find books that will brighten up any free minute in your life.

7. A Little Stuck

Oliver Jeffers's creations captivate children across various age groups, but this edition tailored for young readers promises to evoke a plethora of laughter. In an attempt to retrieve his kite from a tree, Floyd hilariously throws an array of items up there—including his shoe and even an orangutan—only to find his efforts comically futile.

8. Count on It

Celebrate with Gigi as she prepares for her birthday party in this engaging counting book, perfect for young readers. Children are encouraged to actively participate, tapping, tracing, and counting items as Gigi organizes her special day. From one delightful birthday cake to five vibrant snack bowls and nine excited friends, the vivid illustrations make learning numbers an enjoyable experience.

9. Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!

At the age of two, curiosity peaks as children begin asking numerous questions—often ones we can't easily answer! The Baby Loves Science series steps in to address this need, presenting advanced concepts in a manner perfectly suited for toddlers. In this edition, the idea of flight is explored through the engaging story of a young girl who encounters a bird.

10. Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Parents with children who have a fascination with vehicles will find themselves reading this book repeatedly at bedtime. Featuring diggers, dump trucks, tractors, and cranes, the story's charming rhymes about familiar bedtime routines will softly soothe both trucks and kids to sleep.


Discover the joy of counting with engaging picture books that make learning as simple as 1, 2, 3! These vibrant books bring numbers to life, captivating kids with colorful animals, energetic characters, and familiar objects. Plus, they offer a wonderful opportunity to enhance reading skills along the way. Dive into a world where education and fun go hand in hand!