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An Easy Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tress CraftAn easy festive Christmas tree craft for little ones

For this you will need: * Egg Carton * Paint * Paint Brushes * Scissors * Hot Glue Gun & Sticks or PVA Glue * Pom Poms * Glitter Glue * Buttons * Card Stock Paper 1. To being you will want to take an egg carton and cut your pieces for the tree: a row of 3, a row with 2, and two single egg cartons. 2. Take your brown paint and paint the stump of your Christmas tree using a single egg carton that you cut out. 3. The rest of the egg cartons will be painted green. 4. After your paint has dried use the hot glue gun (adult only) or PVA glue and stick the egg cartons to a thick piece of card stock paper so that it looks like a tree (see image). 5. And finally you can start decorating! We used everything from pom poms to buttons and even glitter glue, so be creative! Craft Courtesy of Mummy Blogger “I Heart Arts N Crafts”: