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Children's Mental Health Week: 6th - 12th February 2023

This week it's Children's Mental Health week. Getting children, from a young age, to understand their feelings and be able to articulate them is one of the most important lessons for our children to learn. That's where the Sophie Says children's books come in. Sophie Says books talks about feelings, it's okay not to be okay, self-esteem, gender equality and inclusion all in a fun and authentic way!

This week for Children's Mental Health week Sophie Says is running a campaign to donate as many books as possible to children who don't have a single book at home. There are over 400,000 children in the UK without a single book at home and with the cost-of-living crisis this number is on the rise. So, for every book you buy we will donate one to a child who doesn't have a book. With over 15,000 books donated already please help us increase this number and reach as many children as possible!

These books are a must have for primary school children. Shop the range of Sophie Says books:

* Sophie Says It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
* Sophie Says I Can I Will
* Sophie Says Be Proud Of Who You Are

Get your copies now with 10% off by using the code CMHW10 at checkout!

Sophie Says also provides a free education hub, with a wealth of resources for both teachers and parents/guardians. Including free feelings cards and activity sheets! Visit the Sophie Says website and browse the free education hub which is packed full of amazing activities and advice!

Connect with Sophie Says on Instagram: @sophiesaysofficial

Shop the book and visit the free education hub: