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Tips for Throwing a Children’s Birthday Party

Throwing a children’s birthday party is not really much different to throwing one for an adult, except that it’s for children. You will need a theme, entertainment, food, and a venue. It may seem overwhelming as there are quite a few things to organise but it’s not an impossible mission. It can actually be quite fun. We’ve teamed up with a private girls’ school in Hertfordshire to put these tips together and help you with your planning.

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Guest List

You will need to think about who to invite. Think about all of their friends and family as well as anyone that they may not want to attend. You will need a total figure so that you can plan accordingly and make their birthday party special.


Whether it’s just a party for a few or the ten thousand, you will need to take time to think about catering. You can of course do the work yourself if you’d like and have the time or look at contracting an external caterer. Children have differing needs and taste buds so you will need to think about the options that you will have available. Ahead of their party, try finding out if there’s anything that their friends and family are allergic to and what they like. If you don’t however, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have vegetarian or vegan options. That way you have the bases covered. Gluten free options are another that you may want to consider as sandwiches are made from bread containing gluten and some children have an intolerance to the ingredient.


While you can give them out verbally, having a physical invite is handy for attendees as they’re able to locate where the party will be held and most importantly not forget! You don’t need to do anything fancy. You can even create ones that you’ve design yourself with your child. You can also do this via an e-invite that you share to their parents on WhatsApp, email, or other social networking sites. It saves on paper, and they can easily be shared. If you want to make them fancy, you can do so easily using templates found online. 

There’s of course no rule or golden standard when it comes to planning a children’s birthday party. So long as they have those that love them around, we’re sure that your child will love it and have the best time. We wish you well on your preparations and hope that this post helped!

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