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Bedroom Planning Ideas for a New Room Space

It is important to avoid acting unreasonably when it comes to designing and creating your new bedroom space, as quick and unreasonable designs may result in hatred towards your room space in the future which is not ideal after channelling time and money into the room. Therefore, it is crucial to design and map out your room space on paper, or a computer, to plan out the wall and floor space, and most importantly arrange the positioning of furniture. It can be a tricky project to produce the initial mapped-out diagram as not knowing where or what feature to start with is a common difficulty. However, with this step by set planning guide, we hope to assist you with bedroom planning ideas that you can implement into your new space. 

Gain inspiration

First things first, to establish the design and style of the room you wish to achieve, it is important to gain as much inspiration from websites, social media platforms, and perhaps magazines to develop an idea of the colour scheme and design you are opting for. We would advise ensuring that the colour scheme(s) chosen interlink with one another for example, when choosing a colour scheme such as grey, perhaps add in a pop of colour such as fuchsia pink or lime green. An example of what to avoid would be excessive colour. If your main colour scheme is beige, avoid incorporating colours like royal blue, bold red, and olive green all within the one space, as this will be too overwhelming and unappealing on the eye. We would advise limiting the colour scheme to one to three colours maximum.

Map out the design 

After gaining inspiration, the next step to bedroom planning is to consider your room space and the dimensions that you are working with. If you have a smaller room space, avoid excess furniture, you want to ensure that you have space for movement around the room and that you can do so without damaging your legs against objects! When illustrating your design, it is vital to include measurements therefore, a measuring tape is very much required for this step! After all, being unable to fit your new bed into your room space is the last conflict you wish to have; that would throw a huge spanner in the works! For larger bedrooms, the mapping out stage could be difficult, which is unusual as the common perception is the more space, the easier it is to fit in furniture. However, filling space and breaking the room into sections can be challenging. To divide room space, opt for objects such as clothing rails, folding screens, or circular ottomans, this will be sure to help in utilising excess floor space.

Tackle the largest objects first 

So, the furniture is arriving in dribs and drabs and it is now time to put it into place! The most predominant piece of furniture in your room should be your bed, therefore put this into position first. Next, if you have a TV in your bedroom, tackle the positioning of this next as this usually needs to correspond with the position of the bed. Try to wall mount this directly across from your bed as it will reduce extreme eye or neck strain. However, if this is not possible, call in an experienced professional from who can provide you with the most appropriate bracket for your room layout. After situating these items, you can begin arranging the surrounding furniture and accessories such as drawers, shelving, armchairs, dressing tables, rugs, and anything else you have planned for the space. 

Sort out your wall and floor space

This step is not always vital in the bedroom planning guide as a change to current wallpaper or paint may not be required. As well as this, your wooden, tile, or carpet floor may suit the new style accordingly too. If you are making changes to these areas, ensure that you do so before loading in furniture as this will add complications, particularly when it comes to replacing the floor.

Purchasing furniture 

Once you have a rough idea of the style you wish to portray within the room, whether it be mid-century modern, boho, luxury contemporary, or even traditional, you can go ahead and begin purchasing relevant furniture. Take a trip around stores and browse online using you laptop to find the best deals and most suitable styles and sizes that apply to your bedroom. We would advise setting a budget when it comes to the purchasing stage as we know how easy it can be to get carried away buying new things! Ensure that you look at delivery periods when purchasing online, as for larger items such as beds, these can be extensively long, which may not be ideal. 

Make final touches and enjoy 

Concluding the bedroom planning guide, once your furniture is finalised and in place, add finishing touches such as objects and accessories to complete the room. Now that your room space is immaculate, light a candle, put on your TV, and enjoy your brand-new room.