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6 Ways to Update Your Growing Child’s Bedroom

We spend a lot of time making a nursery a welcoming room to bring our new baby home, and then the next thing you know, you’ve got a pre-teen on your hands and they're asking for a bedroom makeover. Updating their room doesn’t have to be expensive, so here are some budget friendly ideas to make the bedroom more suitable for your growing child.

Add Some Statement Lighting

Adding some fun lighting to their bedroom is an easy way to update the feel of the room. Some twinkly fairy lights around their headboard, or some LED lights under their bed make for great mood lighting. A neon sign on their wall would also look fun, and you can even get personalised ones if you like. Perhaps they still want the security of a night light in their room but have grown out of their current one. Find a funky lamp instead that they can use as a night light. The right lighting can help make the room feel like a welcoming and safe space for them to relax in.

Update Bedding and Curtains

An easy way to refresh the bedroom and add a bit more of their personality to it is by getting new bedding and a new pair of curtains. You can add a pop of colour here or let them choose their favourite character or theme for the bed linen. Get two or three different ones so that you can have them on rotation but that still fit with the style that you are going for. Don’t feel as though you have to get curtains that match the bedlinen. It’s amazing how a more ‘grown up’ style curtain pattern can really change the feel of a room.

Add a Feature Wall with Wallpaper

Perhaps you went neutral with their bedroom theme to start with, so now's your chance to give it a revamp and inject some colour to the walls. Why not add a feature wall with some wallpaper? Wallpaper can really add some personality to a children’s bedroom and is fairly easy to do yourself. Whether you opt for a simple pattern, a space theme for budding astronauts, or on trend dalmatian spots, there’s something suitable for everyone. Maybe stick to one wall, so that there isn’t as much to change when you undoubtedly have to decorate their room again in a few years’ time as they get older.

Add Some Fun Artwork

Updating artwork on the walls is a quick and easy way to help the room grow with your child. If you have your own printer, you can even opt for cheaper printables, which you can switch out easily when their tastes change in a few years. Go for a gallery wall, or add a shelf or two specifically for putting up some fun art prints in frames. You could even have a frame or two reserved for artwork that they create themselves.

Upgrade Their Desk

If they haven’t got a desk already, it is important that they have a large enough space to be doing any homework, and a nice space for being creative in their bedroom, whether that’s grabbing the felt tips to do some drawing, or writing a story on their laptop. Upgrade their desk so that they have room for all the supplies that they need, with room for laptop or a computer. Make sure you also get a comfy chair that will be able to grow with them.

Add Some Comfy Seating

Now’s the time they are going to want to start entertaining their friends in their bedrooms, so make sure it is as comfy and welcoming as possible. Perhaps get a giant bean bag or two for them to relax on when they have friends over. They would be great next to bookshelves as a little reading nook, or maybe a comfy armchair in one corner if there is room. Giant floor cushions are another good option if you are low on space as they can be moved on to the bed when not needed.

As you can see, there are some fun and easy ways to change up their bedroom as they grow older. Changing their room can be an exciting step for them too, so make sure they are involved in the decisions, like choosing a duvet cover, or what art they want on the walls. Let them have some input in designing their bedroom and they will love their new room.