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5 Ways Parents with Toddlers can keep their Homes Spotless

Toddlers are cute, but they are no strangers to messing up your clean home. Most parents find it almost impossible to keep their homes in good condition while toddlers are running wild

You might be wondering how to keep your home clean, especially when everything you manage to clean gets messed up almost immediately afterward. Keeping your home in good shape while toddlers are around is an ongoing challenge that every parent faces on a daily basis, so what can you do to improve your current situation? 

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1. Encourage your kids to give you a helping hand

Teaching your kids to keep your home clean from an early age is highly recommended. However, instead of using cleaning as a punishment, why not try to make the chore exciting instead. 

A lot of parents use positive reinforcement techniques to get their children to do what they want them to do. When the child successfully cleans up a certain area, reward them with their favourite snack or allow them to watch television for a while. Of course, you don’t want them to spend all day watching videos on streaming platforms, but after they have completed the task you have issued them, twenty minutes of screentime won’t hurt. 

Making cleaning fun might help them get into the habit of cleaning more often, not just in your house, but when they visit their friends' homes too. 

2. Only allow the kids to play with a few toys at one time

If your child is allowed to play with all of their toys in your living room, you can expect each one to be scattered around the room in a short space of time. Consider storing most of their toys in a specific area, and only take out a few for them to play with. 

If they are only allowed to play with a limited number of toys at any one time, you will only have a few toys to clean up. 

Keep a basket for storing their toys, and once they have finished playing, ask them to put all the toys in the basket. A lot of kids, especially younger kids, enjoy putting toys into baskets, but they also like taking them out too. As soon as all the toys are in the basket, give your child plenty of praise, and congratulate them for doing such an amazing job. 

3. Hire Professionals

If your child has ruined your carpet or your sofa, and you have already tried a wide range of cleaning products to remove the stain, instead of spending your hard-earned money on a brand new carpet or sofa, why not hire professionals instead? 

There are several professional cleaning services out there. Many of these companies specialize in carpet cleaning, like this carpet cleaners London company, while others specialise in upholstery cleaning. Experienced cleaners will know how to remove the most stubborn stains, so you could save yourself a small fortune by hiring them instead of replacing your old carpet or sofa. Professionals often have cleaning products that are unavailable in your local store, plus, they often have advanced cleaning equipment on hand to ensure the job is done properly. 

4. Invest in an Instant Pot

Cooking food for your entire family can take up a lot of your valuable time. A lot of parents struggle to multitask, which is a skill that is hard to develop. So instead of cleaning, cooking, and watching the kids at the same time, why not invest in new kitchen appliances that will make your life easier. 

Instant pots are easy to use, and they can help you save a lot of time. You won’t have to spend all day preparing food, nor will you have to spend hours cleaning up after cooking the food. Just place the ingredients into the inner pot, set the timer, and let the multifunctional modern pressure cooker do its magic. While the instant pot is cooking food for your whole family, you can focus on cleaning up the house and taking care of the kids! You can pick up a top-notch model from your local appliance retailer or from any online marketplace for less than $150. 

It won’t take long to clean the device, because most models are dishwasher safe. 

5. Bring Cleaning Equipment with you During Bath Time

Most toddlers love splashing around in the bath during bath time. While your child is enjoying his or her bath, you might get a few minutes to wipe down the bathroom. Bring all your toilet cleaning tools with you, along with your cleaning products the next time you are giving your child a bath. 

However, it's of vital importance that your child doesn't handle any chemicals that could harm them. If your child eats or drinks any of these harmful cleaning products while you are cleaning, contact emergency services immediately.