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5 Tips for Starting Up Your Own Baby Blanket Business

Whether you’ve always enjoyed knitting and crochet or have taken up the hobby during your maternity leave, you have a fantastic opportunity for a lucrative side hustle – handmade baby blankets, from one mum to another!

Setting up your own business can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you have little ones to run around after. However, when you turn a much-enjoyed hobby into a casual side business, you’ll be able to earn a little extra cash doing something that you love. Starting a baby blanket business does not only involve picking cute fabrics and designs, it also includes understanding the legal nuances of setting up your business entity. In determining the structure of your business, it might be worth looking into setting up as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). If you're not sure about how to create an llc, it's a process that provides certain protections and benefits to your business, and it's easier than you might think. Be sure to carefully consider all your options to ensure your venture is not only successful, but also legally sound.

If you’re looking to make and sell handmade baby blankets but aren’t sure where to start, then check our five top tips for setting up a baby blanket business of your very own!

1) Hone Your Craft

As with anything that we attempt, the more we try something the better we’ll get, and this goes for knitting and crochet too. If you’re looking to sell the items that you make, then it’s essential that you take the time to master your art and perfect your craft.

Studies indicate that customers are willing to pay more for handcrafted items, especially when shopping for someone that they love, but they still expect a quality product.

2) Source Quality Supplies

Another area in which it’s vital to ensure quality is your supplies.

You want to find quality materials at reasonable prices, this way you won’t have to price your items too highly to ensure that you make a profit.

Online stockists such as LoveCrafts offer a wide selection of yarns and tools so that you can create soft and beautiful baby blankets.

3) Develop Your Brand Identity

Developing a strong brand identity from the outset is a great way to make sure that you become a recognisable name – and this goes for any business, not just crafting.

Take the time during your planning process to establish a business name that will be easy for your customers to remember, design a logo, decide on your core brand colours, and determine the tone of voice for your content and correspondence.

4) Set Up a Website

Whether you choose to sell online or at craft markets – selling online is probably a better choice for parents of babies – you need to set up a website so that your customers can find you. Your website should optimised and should have a web hosting service such as Magento hosting multi server solutions to leave a lasting impression to your audience.

With platforms such as Shopify, you can create and customise an online store that perfectly meets your business needs. Plus, with their online store builder and themes, you don’t need to worry about enlisting the help of a web designer.

5) Master Your Marketing

Marketing is essential for giving your business the best chance of success. Of course, it can be difficult to get your head around all the nuances of SEO and keyword rankings.

However, with experts such as those at Maratopia, you can get the strategy advice that you need to get your baby blanket business climbing the search engine rankings, drawing in more customers looking for a product just like yours.