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5 TikTok Parenting Hacks You Need to Try

Parenting can be difficult, whether calming tantrums or finding the best products for your little ones. So, gaining knowledge from other parents is essential to keep you in the loop.

That is why platforms like TikTok are seeing plenty of support and advice for parents, with #parentsoftiktok having 45 billion views across 2 million videos shared.

Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo, says: “Raising children can be a stressful job, and you won’t have all the answers when you’re starting out – or even further down the line. Each little one has their own needs, learning curves, and experiences, so keeping up with them can be a tough task. But some tips and tricks can help make your life, and theirs, a little bit easier.”

The wet wipe hack for changing a diaper

Changing diapers can always be messy, especially if you’ve got a little boy. But with a simple TikTok hack, you can ensure you’re not subjected to additional mess when taking the diaper off.

There is nothing worse than taking your baby’s diaper off only for them to go in the middle of changing, or after! But according to @ausher81818, all you have to do to get one last pee out of your little one is to wipe a wet wipe over their stomach before removing the diaper – it is that easy! This can help encourage your baby to let their bladder loose one last time before you change it.

This video amounted to 7.9 million views and over 830,000 likes since it was posted – showing the popularity of knowing these little hacks. Another changing hack Anna Usher offers is puffing out the side of your diapers to prevent leakages so you have the right size diaper by ensuring secure tabs land in the strike zones marked.

Dressing hacks for toddlers

Struggling to get your toddler dressed when you need to? We understand. Sometimes, the hardest battle is ensuring they have a coat on before going out in this winter cold. But with a simple hack from @louiseptsd on TikTok, you’ll never have to wrestle little arms into sleeves again. With 2.6 million views and over 170,000 likes, all you need to do is to make it a little fun.

Lay the coat out on the floor with the inside facing up. Then get your toddler to crouch down to place their hands where the sleeve holes are and flip the coat over their head! This way, you can get the coat on quickly and easily without the stress of finding the right sleeve for the right arm.

Another clothing hack for your toddlers comes from @evangelineolualu, who says putting underwear on under your toddler’s diaper can help you with potty training. This gets them used to the feeling of underwear, as well as making them more aware when they’ve had an accident. So, if you’re trying to encourage good toilet habits, you can try this out.

Improving sleep hygiene

Sleep is crucial for any baby and toddler to have the right emotional control, brain development, immune system, growth and more. But getting your little ones to sleep isn’t always an easy task. That is why paediatrician @tiktokkiddoc shares some key hacks for getting your little ones to sleep a bit easier at night.

He says getting them to sleep is all about improving sleep hygiene to help your child’s brain release melatonin at the right time to get them into the right sleep schedule. Tips for this are putting them into a routine, including pre-bed bathing or reading, avoiding screentime before bed, exercising during the day, and not using the bed outside of sleep and naps. From mental stimulation for your baby to physical movement for your toddlers, ensuring they’re spending time awake and aware during the day can help them sleep better at night. Remember, consistency is key.

Spending time outside, exploring the outdoors, and getting in some much-needed energy release can also help get your toddlers off to sleep that bit quicker. Not only is it physically tiring, but being outside can also be mentally stimulating for your little ones. So, grab your terrain-ready pushchair to splash through puddles and explore nature.

Setting safety boundaries

Keeping your child as safe as possible is essential but not always easy. Especially if you have a toddler with an adventurous side, teaching safety boundaries is crucial for your little ones’ development. If they’re starting to climb on top of everything, this little hack can give you a bit more peace of mind.

Laura Love, @lauralove5514, on TikTok, who has 7.9 million followers from her success as an advocate for gentle parenting, shows people how to communicate effectively with their little ones. In one video with 4.2 million views and 418,000 likes, Laura de-escalated a situation where her child was climbing on kitchen counters.

She does this by asking if they think they are safe where they are – drawing attention to their situation and encouraging self-awareness. This technique lets your toddlers recognise their own unsafe behaviours. Once safe, Laura shows how to explain the unsafe behaviours to her child and find safer ways of playing.

Taming tantrums

Tantrums are a natural reaction for some younger children when they don’t understand how to communicate their emotions accurately. Knowing how to de-escalate these situations and help your child regulate their emotions is important for a happier, more communicative toddler.

One TikToker, @minneesday, demonstrates how to remove an item from your child without causing tears. In a video with 8.4 million views and 1.5 million likes, she suggests using fewer words to help your child understand the command easier. She highlights the importance of showing respect to your child. As young children learn through reciprocation, demonstrating respect can lead to them reacting better to parent demands.

She also suggests using choices as a way of avoiding tantrums. This gentle parenting technique involves giving your child the illusion of choice when you need them to do something. If, for example, you want your child to give you the item in their hand, rather than directly ask for it, you can offer them the choice of putting it away themselves or helping them put it away.
Adelynn Minnee also highlights that, unless it is a dangerous item, you shouldn’t try physically taking something away from your little one.

Whether you’re avoiding tantrums or toilet troubles, there are plenty of hacks on TikTok to help new and established parents make their lives a little bit easier. The troublesome twosomes are famously known, and for many, it can be challenging to navigate this developmental time, but with some of these suggestions, you might make life a bit easier for you and your toddler.