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5 Budget Friendly Ideas for a Fun-Filled Summer for Babies and Toddlers

Like many of us, if you don’t want to spend a fortune over summer occupying the little ones, it can be difficult to think of ideas to fill the long days without breaking the bank and saving your pennies for your well-deserved holiday away. Here’s some simple ideas to get started:

1. Create a sensory and Craft Afternoon

Start at home by creating your own sensory and craft activities using items you can find around the house. Use pasta or rice for homemade rattles, bubblewrap for painting, ice cubes for painting (perfect for hot days) and twinkle lights in a jar. Even with so many familiar toys around the home, making something slightly different and fun will keep them occupied for a while.

2. Plant seeds at home

They are never too young to learn about the outdoors and nature. It doesn’t have to be complicated - grab some sunflower and lettuce seeds and plant a few pots. They’ll enjoy watering them daily and watching them grow. Hopefully they may be able to eat some of the produce too!

3. Splash Park

Find a local splash park, particularly good on very hot days, pack a picnic, slap on the suncream, put on the swimwear and head to a local splash park. They’ll have so much fun and will certainly tire them out.

4. Forest Storytelling

Shelter from the sun by finding a forest near you. Take a storybook, activity sheets and perhaps some dressing up costumes. Gruffalo or Peter Rabbit themes work well. Create your own story time with the change of scenery. I’m sure the kids will love acting out their favourite characters.

5. Check out Free events

Look for Free local events, passes and activities. It’s surprising what around and a chance for all to meet new faces and try something new.

By incorporating these budget-friendly activities into your summer plans, you can keep your little ones entertained without spending a fortune and of course invite along some friends to join in too. Enjoy the season!

If you’d like to find out more budget friendly tips, how to successfully save money and improve your families lives please get in touch Helen Grindey - Home Money Mentor