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5 Amazing Apps for New Mothers

5 App for New MumsAs a new mother, you barely have the time to think, let alone rest. The endless burping, feeding, crying, disturbed sleep, and changing wears down on your energy levels over the months following the birth of your child. Save yourself precious time and improve your parenting by downloading a few parenting apps to assist you with your daily baby care tasks. Do I have to sell my J5 to run these apps? Well, that depends on your device, but these apps are available on both Android and iOS. Install the apps and play around with them for a few days before making your final judgment call on their efficacy.

1. WebMD Baby

If you think your baby may be ill, there’s no need to rush off to the hospital right away if it’s not an emergency. WebMD Baby has plenty of useful information on a wide variety of adverse health conditions that affect infants. Enter the symptoms and receive an accurate answer approved by medical professionals.

WebMD Baby is a great app, but don’t rely on it for an accurate diagnosis, nothing can replace a consultation with your qualified pediatrician.

2. Breast Feeding Friend

Keep track of your baby’s feeding times with Breast Feeding Friend. During the first months of your child’s life, you need to pay particular attention to their feeding regimen. These observations include their duration and any notes on the feeding session, such as your baby’s appetite.

3. My Baby Today

Get free parenting advice directly from this app to your mobile device of choice. Monitor your child’s daily behavior and development by tracking their growth milestones. The app lists a timeline of common development stages and what you can expect to happen as your baby grows. Store images and video while making notes about your observations for accurate archiving of your child’s development. Stay in touch with other parents using the Baby Centre website and forum, and the chances are that other parents are already dealing with the same pediatric issues as you.

4. NCT Babychange

Stuck in town and need to change the baby? Avoid this parental nightmare by leveraging technology. Download NCT Babychange and get a map of all the baby changing stations in your immediate vicinity. The app scores each changing station concerning its cleanliness and accessibility. Users can add their own location pins to the map and increase the database of available changing stations.

5. Baby Monitor 3G

Being a new mother means that you want to stay connected to your baby, even when they are sleeping. It’s common for mothers to stress over their baby and check in on them while they sleep. Avoid this anxiety by using the Baby Monitor 3G app. This smart tool allows you to transform two smartphones into a baby monitor device using the onboard camerababy monitor device using the onboard camera. There’s no need to get up from the couch to check on your child, click on the app, and you’re right there with them in the crib.