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4 Tips for Caring for Your Baby as a Disabled Parent

Entering parenthood for the first time is a hugely exciting time, full of new experiences and challenges.

As a disabled parent, it’s important that you feel empowered and confident on the road that lies ahead. If you’re about to embark on the wonderful role of parenthood, here are our four top tips for caring for a baby while living with a disability.

  1. Join an Online Community

For any parent, the early days are often a kaleidoscope of discovering routines that work best for you and your baby to grow and learn together.

If you’re in need of some social support, you could join a forum like the online community run by Scope, which may help you to gain some of your social life back in the precious time that your little one is resting.

It may also help you to answer some of those burning questions and share your experiences of being a new parent with others who will understand.

  1. Use Mobility Aids

If you have a physical disability and need to move around a home with multiple floors, investing in mobility aids may be a good idea to help you get around with your little one.

Parenting can be an all-consuming activity, so researching companies who can install features, such as a stairlift, for you is essential.

And if you need a stairlift removing companies like We Buy Any Stairlift have a stellar reputation for hassle-free removal. They will also try to recycle your old stairlift as well to minimise the impact on the environment.  

  1. Look After Yourself

Although early parenting is a very special time, it can be easy to deplete your natural resources quickly when you are so focused on looking after your baby.

Make sure you have a circle of support around you to assist if needed and take regular breaks to ensure that you’re eating well, drinking plenty of water, washing, and sleeping. It’s also important to keep on top of any medication that you might have.

You can sign up for apps like Cozi that will help you organise your calendar and create to-do lists for other family members or friends to assist you if needed.

  1. Cook in Advance

If you’re able to, or can find someone to help you, batch cooking in advance can help you enormously with looking after your well-being.

Slow cookers or crockpots are fantastic for batch cooking casseroles or soups, and you could invest in an air fryer, which carries a much quicker cooking time than a conventional oven.

If you freeze your leftover meals, they become easy to reach for when you’re short on time, or tired and in need of a quick pick-me-up with the bonus of being nutritious and filling.

Do you have any tips for caring for a baby as a disabled parent? Leave your answer in the comments below!