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4 Fun Crafts To Do With Toddlers Using Stickers

Ready to dive into a world of creativity that’s bursting at the seams with vibrant colours and sticky fun? Crafting with toddlers is like adding a splash of rainbow to a grey day - a dose of joy that brings out giggles and sparkles in little eyes.

Stickers, those tiny yet magical wonders, are our golden tickets to endless amusement and learning. Imagine turning your kitchen table into an art studio where imagination runs wild and tiny hands are the artists weaving tales.

Whether you’re looking to fill a rainy afternoon or just need an entertaining activity, these sticker crafts are your treasure trove of joy and inspiration. 

Let’s dive in and watch the magic unfold!

Crafting with toddlers using stickers is like diving into a treasure trove of creativity! Imagine little hands, busy as bees, sticking colourful decals on paper, transforming plain surfaces into magical canvases.

It's a symphony of giggles and adhesive fun, where each sticker is a starburst of imagination. This delightful exercise not only sparks joy but also blossoms fine motor skills, turning mundane moments into a kaleidoscope of wonder.

Using Stickers as the Primary Material

Stickers are the spark to ignite creative play, offering a plethora of benefits for toddlers. They help develop fine motor skills as little fingers practice peeling and sticking while nurturing imagination as kids create their own vibrant worlds.

If the kids are over three years old, introducing them to digital art can prove beneficial, helping them develop artistic and drawing skills. 

By embracing modern technology, you can introduce them to digital creativity with tools like AI art software. These innovative platforms allow young minds to experiment with digital media, merging traditional sticker crafts with the wonders of AI-generated art. It’s a unique blend of hands-on fun and cutting-edge tech, perfect for the imaginative young creator.

Four Exciting and Easy-to-Implement Craft Ideas

Here are four delightful, toddler-friendly crafts using stickers that promise joyful creativity and unforgettable bonding moments. 

Let's get crafting!

Sticker Story Books

Transform ordinary tales into extraordinary adventures by letting your toddler create their own sticker storybooks. Picture this: a blank canvas turning into a lively jungle or a magical fairyland, where every sticker tells a vibrant story that dances off the page.

Materials Needed

* A blank notebook or construction paper
* Variety of stickers (characters, animals, objects, etc)
* Markers or crayons


  1. Start by selecting a theme or character for the story.
  2. Encourage your toddler to place stickers on the page and create scenes.
  3. Guide them to add dialogue or descriptions using markers or crayons.


* Encourages creativity and storytelling skills
* Enhances fine motor skills

Personal Anecdote: I once watched my son create an epic tale of a dinosaur who befriended a spaceship-traveling bunny. It was pure sticker gold.

Customised Rewards Charts

Imagine a world where chores are met with excitement rather than groans. Personalized reward charts adorned with stickers can turn that fantasy into reality.

Materials Needed

* Chart paper or printable templates
* Stickers (stars, smiley faces, etc)
* Markers or pens


  1. Design the chart with your toddler, deciding on tasks and corresponding stickers.
  2. Let them pick their favourite stickers for each task.
  3. Track achievements together, celebrating each small victory.


* Teaches responsibility and goal-setting
* Provides a visual and fun way to track achievements

With many parents balancing work-from-home schedules, keeping toddlers engaged with positive reinforcement through rewards charts has never been more timely.

Decorative Storage Boxes

Turning clutter into creativity, decorative storage boxes are not just functional but also fabulous when sprinkled with a toddler’s touch.

Materials Needed

* Plain storage boxes
* Assorted stickers
* Optional: paint, markers for additional decoration


  1. Choose a box to decorate, deciding on what it will store (toys, art supplies, etc).
  2. Apply stickers strategically, creating patterns or scenes.
  3. Add additional decorations with paint or markers if desired.


* Promotes organisation skills
* Provides a creative outlet

It’s a win-win - tidy room and happy kid!

Sticker Art Displays

Harness the power of stickers to create museum-worthy kids’ art displays right on your fridge door or living room wall.

Materials Needed

* Large sheets of paper or canvas
* Themed sticker sets
* Crayons or paints for the background


  1. Plan the art display with your toddler, choosing a theme like an underwater scene or outer space.
  2. Arrange and stick the stickers to create the scene.
  3. Add background elements using crayons or paints.


* Encourages artistic expression
* Develops spatial awareness and planning skills

Think of it as your child’s own gallery opening, complete with imaginative flair.


Crafting with stickers opens a universe of possibilities for toddlers and parents alike. These simple yet engaging activities not only entertain but also educate, turning everyday moments into extraordinary memories. 

So, grab those stickers, let your imagination soar, and watch as your toddler creates magic, one sticker at a time. Ready to stick to something new? Share your own sticker adventures below and let’s keep the creativity rolling!