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4 Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery

All expecting parents know that thrilling feeling that comes with being able to decorate your baby’s nursery.

It’s an exciting time for sure, and decorating the nursery might be one of the key things to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one.

Take a look at these four ideas for creating your ideal baby nursery.

Use a Mood Board to Collect Your Ideas

The baby market is huge, so knowing how to decorate your new arrival’s nursery may be a challenge.

However, using a mood board to collect all your favourite ideas is a great way to keep them all in the same place and compare and contrast what will look great in your nursery.

Websites like Pinterest allow you to create your own mood board with attached website links to find the products featured in your collection, and you can take them anywhere you go!

Make Your Nursery Colourful

Introducing colour to babies from a young age can help with colour recognition and eye development.

From the age of around 1 month old, a baby can detect brightness and intensity of colours, although most babies don’t have good colour vision until they’re around 5 months old.

Whatever colour scheme you go for, making a baby’s bedroom a colourful and stimulating place to be will encourage their development from an early age.

Make a Mobile

Mobiles are an excellent example of stimuli for your baby, and can also be a great way to send them off to sleep.

Although there are many different types of mobile available, making your own is a great way to personalise your baby’s room.

Choose the objects you want to include on your mobile, and with some nifty sewing tricks, you can create some from colourful felt, or shiny and sparkly material.

Attach them to some thread and secure them to a sewing hoop. You can then attach it to the ceiling with suspension wire from companies like Ormiston Wire, who specialise in strong and high quality wire.

Buy Your Furniture First

Although many parents can be tempted to coordinate their furniture around their favourite colour scheme, it is much cheaper and easier to pick the furniture first, and the surrounding features like carpet, wallpaper and curtains later on.

For example, you might have chosen your dream wallpaper and carpet, but you may find your ideal feeding chair and it might be completely the wrong colour for your room!

Once you have your furniture sorted, decide how you want your nursery to be decorated. You can use Dulux’s online colour chart to find the perfect colour shade for your baby’s room in no time, and order paint testers to see which shade looks the best in the room.

Do you have any tips for decorating a baby’s nursery? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!