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4 Best Wipe Clean Tablecloth Types

The importance of tablecloth choice often goes understated – especially when you have young kids!

Along with setting the tone for your dining room’s look, a protective covering also preserves your table and shields you from germs and pests that could make you and your young family ill. 

Wipe-clean tablecloths are especially effective as they resist stains and other outside elements. However, all of the different types can make it tough to choose one.

Today, we’re going to show you the materials out there, along with a case to be made for each of them. 

1. Acrylic Coated 

This type of tablecloth is just what the name suggests – a cloth coated in acrylic, which is a highly protective substance. 

Teaching good table manners is a noble goal, but when you have little ones, there will be spills. When that happens with a regular tablecloth, it can be extremely difficult to clean, and you’ll likely have to throw it away. That’s why any top wipe clean tablecloth company will recommend acrylic for young families!

The acrylic layer serves as a barrier between the substance and your cloth, so it can be wiped away as if the spill never happened, and you can keep your fashionable cloth. 

This option is also popular because it has a more natural feeling. Whereas other coated tablecloths can have a plastic or even sticky feel, acrylic feels like a regular tablecloth but with the protection of a coated one. 

2. Oilcloth

Oilcloth gets its name from the doctored linseed oil that serves as an enamel. Its biggest feature to recommend is that it is waterproof, meaning you won’t be left with water damage that damages the material.  All you need to clean them is to pat them gingerly with a damp cloth.

Oilcloth is also known for having the most vibrant colours due to the oil compound, so this one will appeal the most to those with an artistic flair. Balancing a practical, child-friendly home with great aesthetics has never been easier! There is also a variety in the level of gloss finish you can have. 

Overall, oilcloth offers the widest selection in terms of customisation options. You can find one that speaks straight to your tastes, personality, and the look you are going for in the room. 

As a final bonus, they are also easy to cut in case you want to alter the cloth to fit the shape of your table. 

3. Vinyl PVC

Polyvinyl chloride has taken the designing world by storm in recent times, and many parents swear by it as offering great protection against spills and stains. 

One of its biggest bragging points is that it does not fray over time. That means it will look the same as it did the day you bought it for longer than any other material. If you find one you truly like, you can keep it for many years – these cloths can last an entire childhood! 

It can better handle harsher conditions such as direct sunlight, which makes it a go-to if you’re going to be hosting events like outdoor birthday parties!

4. Plastic

Plastic tablecloths are a strong contender because they repel substances such as food, drinks, dirt, and grime as opposed to absorbing them. Gone will be the days when keeping your fabric clean from spilled milk and errant bits of food is a constant battle. 

This makes them far more hygienic to use than other options, which can also help keep your kids safe and healthy. Plastic does not spread bacteria as easily as its counterparts, making your table a more sterile environment and, therefore, preserving your family’s health. 

Finally, it is one of the toughest and longest-lasting fabric materials you’ll find. That, combined with a lower price, saves you a lot of money. 

The Perfect Adornment for Your Family Dining Space 

Among these choices, there isn’t a bad one in the bunch for parents with young kids. However, acrylic takes the cake for us due to its high degree of durability and natural feel. It can handle all the usual childhood mess and keep your dining room looking fantastic.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just dressing up your table, wipe-clean tablecloths will be a massive hit with the whole family!