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3 Reasons Why Your Children Need You To Write A Will

Toddle About has teamed up with Future Life Wills, the specialist Will writer for parents of babies and toddlers, to offer completely FREE Will writing to Toddle About Suffolk readers who have pre-school children.

“It’s been a hard year for everyone due to the risks of Covid-19 and it’s never been a more important time for parents to put a Will in place to protect their loved ones, so we have decided to offer our expertise for free to give something back. People hesitate to protect their children because of the cost and with this offer they will not have to pay anything to get the peace of mind of knowing their family is secure.” Rob Waller, Director of Future Life Wills

It is easy to keep finding excuses to put off writing your Will but there are some especially important reasons why parents of young children should have a Will in place.

You can appoint legal Guardians for your children

A Guardian appointed by you in a Will assumes the same parental rights and responsibilities that the parent had – so they will, for instance, be responsible for the child’s health, welfare and wellbeing and will also have the right to make decisions for the child, such as living and schooling arrangements. Most parents would want to choose who these people are. Without a Guardian appointed in a Will, a court will have a say in who looks after your children and children could be placed in care while this is sorted.

You can put assets in a trust for your children

If you are leaving assets to your children in terms of your Will, you can put them into a trust for the children until they reach a particular age. If no age is specified, then the children would inherit at 18, which most people think is incredibly young to inherit money. Within the trust, you can specify an inheritance age, up to 25. The trust fund can be used for the maintenance, education and benefit of the child until they reach the specified age and, when they reach that age, the balance remaining in the trust fund will be handed over to them directly.

Your voice is still heard

Writing a Will puts you in control. You can decide who acts as Executor and if you want reserve back up Executors. You choose your funeral arrangements; any gifts you wish to give to people; who would care for your children and when the children would inherit.


About Future Life Wills

Future Life have written over 3000 Wills for families across the UK and are based in East Anglia. To qualify for the free Will writing go to www.future-life-wills.co.uk and leave your contact details using the voucher code ‘Toddle About’.

Use your time in lockdown to do something important to protect your family. All appointments will be conducted over the phone and email to keep you safe in these challenging times.